Randy Travis’ Wife Mary Speaks Out About His Tribute Concert, New Music

Randy Travis was just announced as the guest of honor for an all-star tribute concert this fall. The Country Music Hall of Fame member will be celebrated with A Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis – 1 Night, 1 Place, 1 Time concert event, taking place at Von Braun Center’s Propst Arena in Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

For a man who left a permanent mark on country music, to be recognized by his peers, especially after a stroke took away his ability to sing ten years ago, means a lot to him.

“Just to know that he made the music that he made and that it stands the test of time,” his wife Mary tells Fox News. “And then to have tributes to you when you can’t sing the music, but somebody else will come in, step in for you, and some of the great artists that do step in,  that say, ‘Hey, I want to be one of those that sings your music’ when they have a whole catalog of their own music. But it’s like, ‘I just want to give this time and this energy to singing your music because it made a difference in my life.’”

“And so to have a tribute, that just means you did something right,” she adds. “Somewhere along the line that made a difference. And we don’t want to forget that.”

Although the guests for the music event have yet to be announced, Mary does say that both she and her husband are honored by the people who have agreed to be part of the tribute concert.

“They could all be busy doing something else,” Mary notes. “They could not identify with the music well enough to even know the song. Because when you think about it, as I said, they have their own catalog of music… Somewhere along the line, [they were] sitting on the foot of their bed, strumming their guitar when they’re 13 years old, singing ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’ or ‘Digging Up Bones’ or ‘1982,’ it made a difference in their life.”

Travis may not be able to sing, or even speak much, but he still has more music he wants to share with the world. The 64-year-old will release an entire album of new music, music that has already been mixed and mastered, and will likely be released later this year.

“The chances are 100 percent,” Mary said during a virtual press conference. “There is a 100 percent chance of more Randy Travis music from the vault that has never been heard. It’s already been mixed, everything is ready to go – we’re just waiting on the announcement of it. It’s a whole other album of Randy Travis music.”

More information on A Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis – 1 Night, 1 Place, 1 Time will be available soon. Tickets are available now at VonBraunCenter.comTicketmaster.com and RandyTravis.com.

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