Scotty McCreery: 5 Things To Know About His New Album

Scotty McCreery just celebrated a Top 5 hit with “It Matters To Her,” his final single from his  Same Truck and Same Truck: The Deluxe Album. The  American Idol alum has yet to announce a title or release date of his next set of tunes, or his next single, but he’s already dropped plenty of hints about what fans can expect. We found five things we already know about McCreery’s next project.

1. He is writing a lot of songs for it.

As of March of this year, McCreery had more than a dozen songs written for his next project, even as “It Matters To Her” was still climbing the charts.

“1 mountain house. 2 days. 5 guys. 13 songs written,” McCreery captioned some photos on social media. “Unreal mountain writing retreat this week. Can’t wait for yall to hear this stuff!”

Photo Credit: Scotty McCreery / Instagram

2. It will be very autobiographical.

His new record will be his fifth one, not counting his 2012 Christmas with Scotty McCreery album. With so much time and experience behind him now, McCreery has learned that what works best for him, and what fans gravitate to the most, is songs that are largely about him and his own life.

“I think what I’ve found that works for me and what I like doing is pretty autobiographical stuff and writing about life,” McCreery said on Audacy’s Katie & Company. “So there will obviously be baby songs on this record, but there will be other stuff too.

3. It will feature songs about his son, Avery, born last October.

Now that McCreery is a father, having a son has influenced every aspect of his life, including his music.

“There’s definitely gonna be some baby songs, as you could guess,” McCreery told Taste of Country. “My music for sure has kind of leaned a little bit into that autobiographical stuff. Something that I learned about music is how alike we all are, rather than different. When I talk about my life, I could be talking about thousands of other people’s lives, and they relate to it, too. So there’ll be a lot of life stuff. Just about not taking things for granted, and that’s where I’m at right now — just appreciating this new stage of life, and new fatherhood.”

4. It will have plenty of songs that are a nod to traditional country music.

McCreery grew up loving country music, an appreciation that he vows will be very, very evident on his new record.

“It’s country,” McCreery said. “Our steel guitar player, Mike Johnson, was in the studio with us, and he’s like, ‘Man, I actually get to play country music this week!’ He was loving it, and I love singing that stuff, so hopefully folks are ready for a little dose of country music.”

5. He will tour, but likely not as much as before, in support of this album.

McCreery has, since finding out Gabi was pregnant, vowed to be a hands-on dad, a goal he accomplished by bringing his family on the road with him when he served as the opening act on Brooks & Dunn‘s REBOOT 2023 Tour. While he loves being on the road, his first priority now is being a father, which means turning down some events and invitations as a result.

“The power of saying ‘no’ to some things is becoming a big thing for me,” McCreery told Us Weekly, ‘Hey man, you’re a father now.’ I wanna be there for my kid and we’re still busy, I’m still working my tail off, but we’re not saying ‘yes’ to everything like I used to always do. I gotta have time with my kid, I gotta have time with my family. So, that has changed a lot.”

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