Scotty McCreery Has ‘A Lot of New Music’ Coming Soon

Scotty McCreery is excited to share his next album with the rest of the world. The 29-year-old has been teasing some of the songs while he is performing live, letting fans help decide which ones will make it onto his next project.

“We got a lot of new music we’re working on,” McCreery tells Indiana’s Journal & Courier. “For me, it’s kind of fun to play some songs that might be recorded, might not be recorded. Playing off the crowd, seeing what they think, seeing how their reaction is. It kind of gives us the gauge of what we should record and what the next album should look like. It doesn’t happen every year, because we’re not always making an album, but we’re doing that this year. So it kind of gets to be fun out there doing that.”

McCreery has written most, but not all, of the music he has recorded. But whether he’s a writer on it or not, the American Idol alum has found a method that works for him and works well, when deciding which songs will make it onto a record.

“For me, I kind of have [four] things: live it, love it, know it, believe it,” McCreery said. “It’s got to be something that I really believe in and love and know about. Some writers are awesome at kind of using your imagination. And if that’s your thing, then go for it. But for me, what I’ve found that works is just writing about my real life stuff. Like ‘Five More Minutes‘ was for my grand-daddy. ‘This It It’ was me and my wife’s wedding song. It’s all these little things that I just try to incorporate into the music.”

McCreery doesn’t have specific dates for when he will have another single out, but he does hint it will be very soon.

“We’ll have a new song out on the radio here, I’d say in the next month or so,” McCreery divulges. “And then a new album early next year, is probably what I think. But we’re working hard on it, and hopefully folks enjoy it when it finally gets here.”

Scotty McCreery / Instagram


The father of one has been dropping hints about his next record for the last several months, including revealing that there will be songs about his son, Avery, born in October.

“There’s definitely gonna be some baby songs, as you could guess,” McCreery told Taste of Country. “My music for sure has kind of leaned a little bit into that autobiographical stuff. Something that I learned about music is how alike we all are, rather than different. When I talk about my life, I could be talking about thousands of other people’s lives, and they relate to it, too. So there’ll be a lot of life stuff. Just about not taking things for granted, and that’s where I’m at right now — just appreciating this new stage of life, and new fatherhood.”

McCreery has plenty of concert dates on the calendar over the next few months. He has also been announced as one of the performers for this year’s Opry Country Christmas. Find music and tour dates at

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