Scotty McCreery Shares His Top 5 Favorite Holiday Foods

Scotty McCreery has pretty strong feelings when it comes to holiday eating. The 30-year-old recently shared his favorite foods to eat, and the one item he doesn’t think belongs on the holiday table.

“First off, I’ll just say that I think turkey is overrated,” McCreery said, answering a fan question about his favorite Thanksgiving foods. “I mean, nobody on a normal night is just going to eat turkey. It’s just not all that. So number one for me, ham. I look forward to it every year. I only have it on Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas as well, but I love my ham. Number two, could have been number one, deviled eggs. Man, talk dirty to me about the deviled eggs. I love some deviled eggs now.

“Number three,” he continues, “probably the stuffing. Stuffing is just always something to look forward to on Thanksgiving. Number four, my wife introduced me to this cheesy, creamy corn. Oh man, it’s crazy. To die for. And number five, it’s always my go-to dessert on Thanksgiving, apple pie. You gotta love it. So there’s my Top 5.”


Happy Thanksgiving week y’all!! I’m sharing my top 5 Thanksgiving foods. What are y’alls?

Posted by Scotty McCreery on Wednesday, November 22, 2023


McCreery is already in the Christmas spirit, which for him means returning to the Grand Ole Opry to once again perform for  Opry Country Christmas.

“To me, certain things just go hand in hand,” McCreery tells Everything Nash. “Christmastime and the Grand Ole Opry, to me, they do that. It’s been a few years now that I’ve been able to make it up there for Opry Country Christmas, just singing country Christmas songs at the Grand Ole Opry. We’ve got Christmas trees, Christmas lights. Everybody’s holly and jolly. I love it, so hopefully I can keep going back year after year.”

McCreery and his wife, Gabi, take turns with which family they celebrate Christmas, but each one promises to have plenty of decadent food.

“As far as traditions go, me and my wife, it’s typically just the every other year with the family that we do,” McCreery previously told the Country Music Association of how they spend the holidays.. “Her family’s all from Louisiana, so a lot of times we go to New Orleans for Christmas one year, and then we’ll stay back in Carolina for one Christmas with my family. I have a feeling we’ll be continuing that all.

“Maybe we’ll have some Southern Christmases for sure, some Cajun Christmases,” he added. “I didn’t grow up eating crawfish for Christmas, but [Avery’s] gonna get used to it.”

The North Carolina native, who just dropped the festive “Feel Like the Holidays,” recently revealed that this Christmas his family will spend in his home state, where he hopes they will get at least a little bit of snow.

“We’re going to the mountains of North Carolina,” McCreery told radio station 99.5 QYK. “We’re going to hang out, cross our fingers there’s some snow, and just kind of kick back and relax a little bit. Reflect on the year, and look forward to the next year and all that good stuff.”

McCreery’s current single, “Cab In A Solo,” is in the Top 30. He will perform for Opry Country Christmas on December 3. McCreery will kick off his Cab In A Solo Tour on January 26 in Troy, Ohio. Find all of McCreery’s music and tour dates at

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