Scotty McCreery’s ‘Fall of Summer’ Sets New Milestone at Radio

Scotty McCreery’s winning streak is continuing. After celebrating his sixth No. 1 hit with “Cab In A Solo,,” the debut single from his latest Rise and Fall album, McCreery is back at radio with “Fall of Summer.” The song, written by McCreery along with Brent Anderson, Derek George, Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell, became the most added at country radio the week it was released.

McCreery shared the exciting news on social media.


It was a line in  “Fall of Summer” that inspired McCreery to name his latest record Rise and Fall.

“Every album until this one, I’ve just picked a song title that I thought represented kind of where we’re at or the lead single,” McCreery shared at a recent media event celebrating the release of Rise and Fall. “But this one, something felt different, and I didn’t think there was a song title that totally captured the feeling that I had for the whole project. And I’m old school; I know it’s a single-driven world nowadays, but I want my album to tell a story, start to finish.

“I want it to be a cohesive unit,” he added. “And I didn’t feel like there was one title that did that. So I was just listening down to the songs, probably on a plane to California or something. I was listening to ‘Fall of Summer’ and I heard, ‘Here’s to the rise and fall of summer,’ and I thought, ‘Rise and Fall.’”

Rise and Fall, McCreery’s fifth studio album, debuted at No. 1 when it was released. The early success of the record is a testament to the American Idol alum that his instincts about his latest set of tunes were correct.

“I do think there’s a song on there for everybody,” McCreery recently told Everything Nash. “My previous records used to be so autobiographical. They were autobiographical. And this one, there’s a couple of those songs on there, but I really feel like there are songs for different seasons of life, and different times. Your party songs, your serious songs, your love songs, your heartbreak songs. We got a little taste of everything on there.”

The recent Grand Ole Opry member is rightfully proud of Rise and Fall, and all 13 songs on the project.

“I know every artist says it, but this is truly my favorite album I’ve made so far,”  McCreery said when it was released. “I wanted to create an album that reflected the music I grew up on and wasn’t chasing trends. So, I brought several of my songwriting buddies to the mountains of North Carolina to sit down and write a full-on country album that told a story, start to finish, and spoke to my soul. We’ve been performing most of the album live on the road and the response from the audiences has been overwhelming. I’m excited for everyone to finally hear Rise and Fall.”

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