The Bacon Brothers Celebrate Their Longevity With Franklin Theatre Show [EXCLUSIVE]

The Bacon Brothers, made up of siblings Michael Bacon, a composer, and the award-winning actor, Kevin Bacon, have been making music together in a professional capacity for more than 25 years. In the time since their debut Forosoco album came out in 1997, both Michael and Kevin have honed their craft, as collaborators and performers, always trying to create the best music they can, and put on the best show that they can.

Their hard work and tireless devotion to their craft will be on full display when they take the stage at The Franklin Theatre, performing two back-to-back shows on Friday, October 13.

“I spent a major part of my music career in Nashville,” Michael tells Everything Nash. “The experience of being in Tennessee, especially in those days, which Nashville is very different now than it used to be, was really formative … Middle Tennessee is very much a part of my development as a musician and as, as a husband and as a father.”

This isn’t The Bacon Brothers’ first performance at The Franklin Theatre, but it’s still just as meaningful, every time they enter the historic venue.

“The experience at the Franklin Theatre is summed up by walking down the hall,” Kevin says. “You walk down that hall and there’s picture after picture of just absolute legends. For a long time, I think playing in Nashville was a little bit intimidating to me, certainly as a songwriter, and trying to learn how to be a musician in a band. The greatest songwriters and greatest musicians are all clustered down there.

“But I think that we’ve kind of gotten past that, at least I have,” he adds. “I definitely feel the need to try to put on the best possible show that we can. But it’s now really fun for us to play in Nashville.  I really love coming, and playing in Nashville. I’m excited to be back.”

Kevin is by now one of the most well-known actors, with an impressive resume of film and TV shows. But performing as a musician, not an actor, in front of a live audience still gives him an excitement and energy he can’t get anywhere else, even after all these years.

“Like anything else, you put in the 10,000 hours — we’ve done countless shows all over the country,” he says. “We’ve done 12 records. We’ve written songs with some great songwriters, both in Nashville and outside of Nashville. So, I always get a little bit of butterflies for a live show. I think that’s an important thing to maintain because it kind of keeps you on your toes, and it’s part of what’s really fun about playing live music. But it’s no longer like my knees knocking together, like the first couple of times that we played in Nashville.”

Michael and Kevin might be brothers, but working together, especially in a creative capacity, has required a lot of hard work, dedication and compromise, even after all these years.

“I guess it’s a little bit like a marriage,” Michael reflects. “You snap your fingers, spin around three times, and you’ve been married a zillion years. Time passes quickly when you’re doing something that’s worthwhile. The way I think about it is I think of the kind of musicians both of us were when we started the band, and compare it to what we are now.

“And that development,  I give a lot of credit to the audiences that were patient when we first started,” he adds with a laugh. “And great management, great agencies, a great crew, and a phenomenal band that you pretty much can throw anything at them and they’re gonna hit a home run.”

Both creative, and both passionate about music, neither Michael nor Kevin ever imagined they would still be making music together, more than 25 years after they began.

“We started the band for really for one show,” Kevin remarks. “It was kind of like, ‘Let’s try this out for one show.’ And then somebody heard about it and that turned into two shows. I don’t think along the road that we ever stopped too often and go, ‘Oh my God, 26 years.’ It’s really more, ‘What are we still gonna try to fit it in? Are we still gonna be able to write some new tunes, and put out some new music? Let’s just keep rolling along.'”

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