The Oak Ridge Boys, Jake Hoot Among Performers for Cumberland River Music Fest

The Oak Ridge Boys and Jake Hoot are among the performers for the Dailey & Vincent’s Cumberland River Music Fest, held October 8th and 9th in Gainesboro, Tennessee, located about 80 miles outside of Nashville.

“Hey y’all, we’re so excited to be bringing you all the Cumberland River Music Festival on October 8-9, 2021 in my hometown of Gainesboro, TN,” Dailey & Vincent announced. “There are two days of great music from our friends!!”

The Cumberland River Music Fest is part of a busy 2021 for the Oak Ridge Boys, who are spending much of the remainder of the year on the road. The iconic group will also release Front Porch Singin’ on June 11, a record that was inspired by and recorded during the height of the pandemic.

“I think it’s something that we felt we wanted to do, and needed to do in the middle of that pandemic,” the Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall tells Everything Nash. “As we all know, everybody in the music industry was shut down. It didn’t matter if you played first string violin for the symphony, if you were a hip hop artist or a country star or a Broadway star, you were told to go home. Your switch has been flipped off now. No money, no income for all your people, and just sit this thing out and try not to get sick, which was just unbelievable. I just turned 73 years old, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

Front Porch Singin’ was recorded in August, bringing the Country Music Hall of Fame members together for the first time in months.

“It brought us together, which music can and does do, and our own singing after being home for five straight months — no shows, no nothing, no income — to go down there and see each other every day, it was a blessing,” Bonsall says. “I think all of that came out on this album. I think it’s magical. I don’t think we planned it, but with songs like ‘Love, Light and Healing,’ and ‘Life is Beautiful,’ some of the gospel on there, I think we may have inadvertently recorded the perfect album for the times we’re living in.”

The Cumberland River Music Fest will also include performances by Dailey & Vincent and the Bellamy Brothers, with more acts expected to be added in the near future. Keep track of updates and purchase tickets by visiting