The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall Finishes New Book, ‘I See Myself’

The Oak Ridge BoysJoe Bonsall may not be able to perform with the group anymore, but he isn’t done being creative. The 75-year-old reveals on social media that he has finished another book, I See Myself.

“I have FINISHED MY BOOK … oh I finished writing it long ago but I have been editing and doing rewrites and such the last 2 months,” Bonsall shares on social media. “It’s a process … from here it is crossed fingers and sincere prayer that a publisher will love it. The style IS a bit different but I am happy with it.”

Bonsall has written other books in the past, including a children’s series, The Molly Books, plus G.I. Joe and Lillie, written about his parents, and From My Perspective, among others.

In a 2021 interview, Bonsall said he had the idea for the book in a dream.

“Remember those blue people in that Avatar movie? Remember the big, tall blue chick? She would say, ‘I see you. I see you,’” Bonsall recalled to Everything Nash. “And what she meant was I really see. Not just, ‘I see you,’ but ‘I see you.’  I had a dream one night, and I heard her in the dream. And then I heard myself saying, ‘I see myself. I see myself.’ That gave me the idea for the book.”

Bonsall said that the book will include some of the biggest highlights and most memorable moments throughout his entire life.

“I see myself being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame,” Bonsall said at the time. “I see myself on the streets of Philadelphia getting the crap beat out of me. I see myself singing at colosseum after colosseum, and full house seats in 1982. I see myself on The Johnny Carson Show. I see myself with my mom and dad in Philly. So it’s a back and forth kind of thing.”

Bonsall announced in December that he would be unable to tour with The Oak Ridge Boys for the remainder of the dates on their  American Made: Farewell Tour, due to ongoing health issues. Ben James is filling in for him for the rest of the shows.

“Many of you know I have been battling a slow onset (over four years now) of a neuromuscular disorder,” Bonsall said at the time. “I am now at a point where walking is impossible, so I have basically retired from the road. It has just gotten too difficult. It has been a great 50 years, and I am thankful to all the Oak Ridge Boys, band, crew, and staff for the constant love and support shown to me through it all. I will never forget, and for those of you who have been constantly holding me up in prayer, I thank you and ask for you to keep on praying.”

The country music icon later revealed, in response to a question from a fan, that he was unable to join The Oak Ridge Boys in the studio to record their new album, produced by Dave Cobb.

“Many are asking but no man …” Bonsall shared on social media. “I am not singing on this … they invited me to sing a bit but I was just not up to it … Ben has me covered and the sessions are going well …”

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