The Oak Ridge Boys’ Richard Sterban Gives an Update on Joe Bonsall’s Health

The Oak Ridge Boys‘ Richard Sterban has an update on fellow band member, Joe Bonsall, after Bonsall revealed he was recovering from a pulmonary embolism that left him hospitalized.

“He’s doing well,” Sterban tells Everything Nash. “I haven’t talked to him in a few days, but he’s making progress. He’s doing well. I think it’s just a matter of time until he’ll be back performing with us, and that’s the way it should be. Joe Bonsall will sing tenor with the Oak Ridge Boys and he will be back, and hopefully as good as new.”

Rudy Gatlin has filled some of the dates while Bonsall has been recovering, but Sterban hints Bonsall will at least make an appearance this weekend.

“We are playing a date this weekend, on Sunday, which I believe is the the third of July, and Joe is going to be there,” Sterban hints. “He’s gonna make an appearance. He may not be able to do the whole show yet, but he plans to be there. And, we’re excited about that.”

Bonsall recently opened up about the scary experience, and how grateful he was to have lived through it, and be recovering from home.

“I could have easily died last weekend but God is not through with me yet … I am home now after six days in the hospital battling pulmonary embolisms,” Bonsall shared on social media. “My recovery could take awhile … thanks for the prayers and love shown!! I am on the better side now… GOD IS ABLE! Love you ALL”

Later, Bonsall gave another update, saying he was getting a little better each day.

“Update: I am not quite 100% yet but friends I am getting stronger each day,” he wrote. “I have several important Doctor’s appointments starting today where I will learn more but overall thanks to my God, my wife and my enormous support system I am getting there! Thank you for all the love.”

The Oak Ridge Boys’ next scheduled show is on July 3 in Springfield, Tennessee, at Freedom Fest 2022. A list of all of their upcoming shows can be found at