‘The Voice’ Alum RaeLynn Is Expecting Her First Child

Congratulations to RaeLynn! The Season 2 contestant on The Voice just announced she and her husband, Josh Davis, are expecting their first child, a girl, due in September.

RaeLynn shared the exciting news on social media.

“Well this Georgia Peach and Texas Rose did the thing,” RaeLynn tweeted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’m 27 years old and 21 weeks into carrying our BABY GIRL. I already have so much love for this little flower child. I can’t wait to be her Momma and to watch Josh be her Dad.”

RaeLynn also spoke out about her growing family to People, explaining why she chose to wait until she was so far along in her pregnancy before sharing the news.

“The main worry I had was managing my diabetes while carrying a baby,” RaeLynn, who has Type 1 diabetes, said. “I’ve been so fortunate to have an amazing care team that has me on the best regimen. My diabetes and A1C has never been better than it is now.”

But now that she is so far along in her pregnancy, the Texas native thought there wasn’t a better day than her birthday to share the happy news.

“Every year is special in its own way, but what’s going to make my 27th year so special on this earth is that I get to be a momma to a beautiful baby girl,” RaeLynn reflects. “So that’s why I wanted to wait because it’s the best birthday present!”

The couple, who wed in 2016, admit they don’t know much about parenting, but they aren’t afraid, thanks to their faith.

“We of course are no experts, but for us our faith has been so important in our marriage and upbringing,” RaeLynn says. “So how we raise her will be centered around faith as well as her self-worth and confidence. Social media is a scary place and I just want her to always be confident in who she is and not compare herself.”

The decision to expand their family came in part because of the challenges of the past year.

“[We have] thought more about the important things in life — and for us, that is growing our family,” the singer revealed, adding that she initially thought she was having a son.

“I for sure thought I was having a boy — I don’t know why; I just did,” she admits. “Josh’s gut feeling the whole time was a girl, so he was right for sure. I didn’t care either way, though … I should have known with my debut song ‘God Made Girls’ that God would give me a girl first!”