Thomas Rhett Shares the Best Part of Having His Family Join Him on Tour

Thomas Rhett is currently on his Home Team Tour, where his wife, Lauren Akins, and his four daughters will join him for some, but not all, of the dates. While the 33-year-old loves having his family be with him on the road, he admits it does pose its own set of challenges, combining his role as a father and husband with being a headliner.

“The way that I’ve always described this is like, if you all brought your kids to your job, what would your day look like?” Rhett shared with Everything Nash and other outlets at a recent media event. “I realize that my job is a little bit different because the majority of the day is wide open, but the night is when we start to work. My kids and my wife have picked two weekends this year to come out on. and I’m already starting to get kind of terrified that they’re coming out there. I love having them out there. But the thought of waking up at 5:30 three days in a row and then not going to bed until 2:00 in the morning is crazy.”

Still, exhaustion aside, Rhett loves that his daughters get to see their father in action, and understand more of who he is and what he does to support them.

“When they are out there, my favorite part of them being out there is that I get to show them what I really do for a living, and I get to show them that it is possible to love what you do for a living,” Rhett revealed. “I really want them to grow up knowing that whatever they do in life, that it’s okay to love your job. You don’t have to go to something that you dread every day. You can really carve your own path and do something that you love. So if that’s what they take away from me on the road with me, then then I’ve done my job.”

The “Angels Don’t Always Have Wings” singer may not have as much time with Akins and his four daughters this summer, but he still has family on the road — sort of.

“My road family, they are my family,” Rhett explained. “I say it on stage every night: my band, my crew, the truck drivers, the bus drivers — we really are one big family unit. So anytime we bring other artists out, like this year, Cole [Swindell  and Nate Smith are out with us, we just invite everybody to be a part of our family.”

Rhett’s Home Team Tour will conclude with two back-to-back shows at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Find music and tour dates at

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