Tim McGraw Announces New Single, ‘Standing Room Only’

Only days after Tim McGraw dropped a cryptic video, along with his “McGraw Three-ten Twenty Three,” playlist of some of his songs, we now know what is coming from McGraw. The father of three first posted a video with the playlist, saying fans should pay attention on March 10.

“So I made a playlist, and there’s probably just a little more to it than just the songs on the playlist,” McGraw hinted at the time. “Pay attention, and check it out on March 10. I think you’ll be surprised.”

Later, McGraw shared a video of him from his family’s Cadillac Escalade, sharing why the vehicle was important to him before announcing the upcoming single. The first letters of the songs on his playlist spell “Standing Room Only.”

“I’m sitting in my 17 or 18-year-old Cadillac Escalade, which we call our Griswold Family Cruiser,” McGraw says. “I can’t quite get rid of it. We’ve done a lot of cross-country trips, I’ve hauled my girls, all their stuff, to LA, to New York, everywhere. Lots of cheerleading practices and all of that stuff. And I think for years we found Happy Meal fries in this car, until we finally got it cleaned up good. But this is where I like to listen to music.

“This is a stereo system I’ve got dialed in over the years, and this is where I always listen to my mixes,” he adds. “So we’re gonna play our new single. It comes out on March 10. It’s called ‘Standing Room Only,’ and I just think that this is a really special song.”

@timmcgraw Got the ‘Griswold Family Cruiser’ tuned in and ready to go. Who wants to hear a little bit of #StandingRoomOnly? ♬ original sound – Tim McGraw


McGraw’s last single, “7500 OBO,” released in 2021, also became his 45th No. 1 single, a number he said was especially meaningful to him.

“[45] is a pretty special number in our family because, as a lot of people know, my dad was a professional baseball player, and his number was 45,” McGraw shared with his record label. “And he passed on at age 59 quite a few years back, and so I think that song will be special because of that number.”

“Standing Room Only” is likely from his next album, which he revealed he was working on last year.

“I’m in the middle of it,” McGraw said on Country Countdown USA. “I’ve probably mixed eight so far, and will record a few more soon. I’m always looking to beat what I did last time. I’m sure we’ll have something off the new album here before too long. I don’t know when the album will drop.”

See the “McGraw Three-ten Twenty Three” playlist below. Pre-save “Standing Room Only” at TimMcGraw.com.

“McGraw Three-ten Twenty Three” Playlist:

Something Like That
The Cowboy in Me
Angry All the Time
Not a Moment Too Soon
Don’t Take the Girl
Indian Outlaw
Neon Church
Grown Men Don’t Cry
Real Good Man
One of These Days
Over and Over
My Next Thirty Years
One Of Those Nights
Nashville Without You
Live Like You Were Dying
You Get Used To Somebody