Toby Keith Hints at 2024 Tour: ‘It’s On the Board’

Toby Keith is making his return to the spotlight with three Las Vegas shows in December, after not touring for more than a year while receiving treatment for stomach cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2022. But with his strength returning, the 62-year-old says he plans to return in a big way next year, with a 2024 tour.

“It’s on the board,” Keith told Taste of Country Nights, On Demand. “They have got a great plan together, and we’ve built a new set, and we’re getting the trucks and buses fired up. Our plan is to go forward, don’t let this stuff define our future — let’s go.”

Keith recently tested the waters with his ability to perform, amid his health struggles. The Oklahoma native bought some land in his home state and  built a small music venue, making two back-to-back surprise appearances, performing for three hours both nights.

“I snuck in there one night and did Friday and Saturday, unannounced,” the “Don’t Let the Old Man In” singer shares. “Brought my band in and did two three-hour shows. But we don’t have to go three hours in Vegas … but I just wanted to go three [hours] to see if I was tired. I cruised on through it. It was a lot like riding a bike.”

The consummate performer hasn’t rehearsed in, quite literally, decades, but he is planning a full rehearsal ahead of his three Las Vegas shows.

“We’re gonna come blazing,” Keith says. “I don’t usually need a rehearsal, but being off of COVID and cancer, we’re going to go to Nashville and do a rehearsal. It’ll be the first rehearsal I’ve done in decades, but it’ll be like riding a bike.”

“That rehearsal will get me going, and we’re gonna come stomping into Vegas,” he adds.

Although he is getting stronger, Keith reveals he is still receiving various forms of treatment for his stomach cancer.

“I feel pretty good. It’s a rollercoaster all the time with this stuff,” he recently said on the Sellout Crowd podcast. “I have the resources financially and otherwise to get the best treatments I can get. They’re taking great care of me and I’m getting all the latest stuff you can get. In fact, I’m going tomorrow to Florida to see another guy down there, that’s got some other kind of treatments, and I’m trying them all. I’m throwing the kitchen sink at it.”

Keith’s three Las Vegas shows will take place at the Dolby Live at Park MGM, on December 10, 11 and 14. Only tickets for the final show remain. Find all of Keith’s music and upcoming shows at

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