TobyMac Channels His Grief Into New ‘Life After Death’ Album

New music is coming from TobyMac. The Christian singer-songwriter will release Life After Death on August 19, written after the loss of his oldest son, Truett, who passed away in 2019, from an accidental drug overdose.

“As most of you know, it’s been a hard, hard road for me the last couple of years,” TobyMac says. “I began writing this record right after losing my first born son — the first few songs I wrote, ’21 Years,’ ‘Promised Land,’ and a song called ‘Everything About You,’ were just really sad songs, lamenting songs, which you kind of would expect. At that point, I was just like, ‘Am I just going to live here? Is this my journey for the rest of my life?,’ and maybe it is sort of, but God began giving me glimpses, starting with ‘Help Is On the Way,’ I started to really stand on that promise, and really believe that help is on the way.”

TobyMac concedes that the road towards healing has been anything but easy, and is still a journey he has to walk every day. Still, he has found solace in the music he was writing, which became the songs on Life After Death, including “The Goodness.”

“Where that journey sort of took me, and what I kind of landed on, was this thought: I wrote on a napkin one day, ‘You’re still the goodness in my life,’ and I started to believe that, and to see how God is good to me,” TobyMac explains. “That’s when I wrote ‘The Goodness,’ and it felt like a celebration, because I began to think about how gracious God is, and how He gives us little glimpses of His goodness, even in the valley. Then I read a quote, and it led to a lot of the lyrics in this song, it said, ‘A saint is not someone who is good, but someone who experiences the goodness of God.’

“I have experienced the goodness of God my whole life,” he adds. “There is LIFE AFTER DEATH. This record chronicles the journey I have been on over the last two years, and somehow through it all, I have experienced the goodness of God.”

Blessing Offor joins TobyMac on “The Goodness.” The song will officially be released on June 10, but is available now with pre-order of Life After Death. Pre-order of the record is available at now.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the media collective / Robbie Klein