Travis Tritt To Release His First Gospel Album, ‘Country Chapel’

Travis Tritt is releasing his first-ever gospel album. The country music icon announces the release of Country Chapel, ten songs, including three originals,  which will be released on Gaither Music on September 15.

“I’ve wanted to make this album for over 30 years and I hope and pray that everyone who hears it will be inspired and encouraged through Jesus Christ,” Tritt said when the project was announced.

Country Chapel, which also includes a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me,” comes a little more than two years after Set in Stone, Tritt’s last album, was released in 2021. Tritt has spent the last three decades making music, with his debut Country Club album out in 1990. It’s a massively successful story, which began when Tritt was working as a manager of a heating and air company, when he became inspired to focus on music instead.

“I saw a guy up on a little small stage over in the corner, with just him and a guitar,” Tritt recalled on Fox News. “And I think he had like a little drum machine. And that was it. And I sat and watched this guy, and he was pretty good. I sat and watched him for about two hours. And I thought to myself the whole time, I could do that job. I could do that. I could do that. I could do that as good as he can, maybe even better.”

Pre-order of Country Chapel is available beginning on Friday, July 21. The first track from the project, “When God Dips His Love in My Heart” will be available that day, with “Like the Father Loves the Son” available on August 18, and “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” available on September 15.

See a track list for Country Chapel below. More information can be found at

Country Chapel Track Listing:

1. “When God Dips His Love In My Heart” (Cleavant Derricks)
2. “Like The Father Loves His Son” (Travis Tritt)
3. “Mama Used To Pray For Me” (Travis Tritt and Aaron Raitiere)
4. “In the Valley (He Restoreth My Soul)” (Dottie Rambo)
5. “Uncloudy Day” (J.K. Alwood)
6. “Wayfaring Stranger” (Public Domain)
7. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (Blind Willie Johnson)
8. “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor” (Dallas Frazier and Sanger D. Shafer)
9. “Why Me” (Kris Kristofferson)
10. “Little Country Chapel” (Travis Tritt and Aaron Raitiere)