Trisha Yearwood Joins Mitch Rossell on ‘Ran Into You’: LISTEN

Mitch Rossell‘s new single, “Ran Into You,” features country music superstar Trisha Yearwood. Rossell co-wrote with Tommy Karlas and Dave Turnbull, and didn’t have to ask twice for Yearwood to join him on the track. Rossell wrote a song that her husband, Garth Brooks, recorded, and also joined them on his massive World Tour.

“I’ve been a Mitch Rossell fan since the first time I heard his voice … I think it was the song ‘Ask Me How I Know,’ which he wrote,” Yearwood told People. “I’ve been waiting patiently for him to ask me to sing on one of his records, ha! He finally did.”

“I absolutely love ‘Ran into You,'” she added. “It was a joy to sing with Mitch and I can’t get the song out of my head. That’s a good sign!”

Yearwood also praised Rossell on social media.

“When a songwriter comes to you with a great song it is such an honor to participate,” she wrote. “[Mitch Rossell], I love this song and I love you, thank you for asking me to sing ‘Ran into You’ with you.”

Rossell still can’t quite believe that someone he admired for so long agreed to join him on the track.

“When we cut ‘Ran into You,’ I knew there was something special about it,” Rossell said. “The chorus melody lends itself to a really cool and distinct harmony part and I knew if I could just get Trisha’s voice on it, it would take it over the top.”

Rossell made sure Yearwood’s voice was heard loud and clear on the new song.

“I just kept telling my engineer Luke to turn her up more,” Rossell recalled. “I couldn’t get enough of the ‘it’ that she brought to this track.”

“I still can’t believe she graced my song with her talent,” he added. “This one is gonna be damn hard to top.”

Rossell might be another hopeful songwriter, if not for a chance email he sent directly to Brooks, adding a few of his recent songs he had written.

“To this day, I have no idea why or what he heard that was so unique, but I’m grateful for it,” Rossell told Country Now. “He just emailed me back and had a lot of amazing things to say, and from there we just made conversation, started hanging out a little bit, started writing a little bit, and realized we had a whole lot in common. We just became buddies.”

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