Ty Herndon, Kristin Chenoweth Release Powerful ‘Orphans of God’

Ty Herndon and Kristin Chenoweth just released a powerful duet, “Orphans of God,” featuring pianist and composer Paul Cardall. The song, written by hit songwriters Joel Lindsey and Twila LaBar, begins with, “Who here among us has not been broken / Who here among us is without guilt or pain / Some are abandoned, some disenchanted / If such a thing as grace exists / Then grace exists for lives like this,” is an especially timely song now, which is why Ty wanted to include it on his upcoming Regifted Christmas album.

“I’ve been wanting to record ‘Orphans of God’ for quite some time, and I’m so honored and humbled that it came together with my friends Kristin Chenoweth and Paul Cardall during this very difficult time in the life of our nation,” Ty said of the song. “It’s more important now than it has ever been before to remember that we are all created equally and that God loves us all just the same. I hope this song can be a beacon of hope to anyone who’s feeling lost, overwhelmed, or suffering in any way.”

“To sing with Ty Herndon was a dream,” added Kristin. “But to sing a song with lyrics that we both believe was so special. I hope as you listen to the song you hear the words and they speak to your heart.”

For Paul, this song has an especially personal meaning, which is why he was eager to lend his talents to the anthemic tune.

“Ever since receiving a donor heart, it’s been my life’s work to use music to help heal the hearts of others, which is why I’m excited to join with my friends Ty Herndon and Kristin Chenoweth in echoing an important message through this song — a truth that there are no orphans of God,” Paul shared. “Everyone is welcome at my table and as a Christian, I believe to suggest otherwise undervalues God’s sacrifice.”

“Orphans of God” was originally recorded by the contemporary Christian group, Avalon, and included on their 2006 studio album, Stand. Former band members Melissa Greene and Michael Passons sing on the new version.

Both songwriters also spoke out about Ty and Kristin’s take on their beloved hit.

“When we were writing ‘Orphans of God,’ we talked about the fact that many experience the painful sting of rejection and feel as if they don’t belong,” Twila said.

“To say that there are no orphans of God is our way of saying that everyone is loved, seen, and remembered,” added Joel.

Ty is also working on a new studio album, which will be released in 2021. Download “Orphans of God” and order Regifted at TyHerndon.com.