Tyler Hubbard On His 2024 Goals: ‘I Just Want to Keep Growing’

Tyler Hubbard has big plans for 2024. The singer, formerly one-half of the successful Florida Georgia Line duo, launched his solo career with his debut solo single, “5 Foot 9,” in 2022. The song landed at the top of the charts, as did his follow-up single, “Dancin’ In The Country.” Hubbard now has a Top 25 hit with “Back Then Right Now,” the perfect way to kick off what Hubbard hopes will be an unforgettable year.

“I just want to keep doing what I’m doing,” Hubbard tells UMG Nashville. “I’m really in a groove, and it feels good to be in a rhythm. For so long I was a little bit out of rhythm and out of practice and had to really try to work hard to work those muscles creatively, and figure out unique ways to do that. So to be on the road, to be comfortable on a bus and comfortable on stage, and really feeling like I have the show dialed [in], it feels really good.”

Hubbard admits it was a challenge to go from performing with his Florida Georgia Line partner, Brian Kelley, to performing on his own. But now, fully immersed in his solo career, Hubbard is excited to see what he can accomplish in the new year.

“I just want to keep growing,” Hubbard explains. “That’s been really a fun thing to see, every show, I feel like we’re just two-percent stronger, two-percent stronger, two-percent stronger. And even if I just stay on pace that I’m right now, I’m real excited to see where it goes and just continue to do what I love. That’s what it’s all about, and I’m getting to do that, so I feel like I’m in a great place and so happy.”

Hubbard wrote “Back Then Right Now” with Jessie Jo Dillion, Geoff Warburton, and David Garcia, inspired by thinking about what people can learn by looking back.

“I think there’s a lot that we can take from our past and incorporate it into our present and make our present,” Hubbard told Everything Nash and other outlets, during a media event last year. “We can learn from the past and even the simple things in life that we maybe got away from, whether it be my smartphone, for example, or whatever, [and] incorporating the beauty of that into our current modern era here.

“And even if it’s putting my phone away for half a day and assessing how I’m feeling and being present and just little things like that, you realize the impact of something that wasn’t even around when I was growing up,” he added.

Hubbard will headline his own shows in 2024, and join Kane Brown for select dates on Brown’s In The Air Tour. Find music and tour dates at TylerHubbardOfficial.com.