Tyler Hubbard Wrote ‘Undivided’ While Battling COVID-19

Tyler Hubbard‘s battle with COVID-19 was, at least in some ways, a blessing in disguise. The Florida Georgia Line frontman reveals he wrote “Undivided,” his new duet with Tim McGraw, while quarantining away from his family.

“I was on the bus for 12 days uninterrupted with my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings, my guitar, and so I wrote a whole bunch of songs and it was a blast doing it, it made the time go by really quickly,” Hubbard told Entertainment Tonight. “I just got to do what I love and in the meantime, really kind of channeled where I was at emotionally and as a country and all the things. This song kind of fell out of the sky as I like to say, felt like it was a gift from God.”

As soon as Hubbard wrote “Undivided,” he sent it to McGraw, who was instantly blown away by the song’s message.

“When I heard it, one of the first things I thought of when it hit me — and how you always say, it hit me right between the eyes?” McGraw recalled. “But it hit me in the heart because what it made me do was, it made me reflect on myself. It was more internal for me, it made me think, ‘Am I getting lost in the darkness here? Is all this going on, is it putting some light out of me, and am I letting it?’ And this song really made me think about it.”

McGraw says the message of “Undivided” is more important now than ever before.

“We have a great country full of great people and this song is about the social fabric that we rely on and the social contracts that we rely on to get along in this world, in this life, in this community together,” McGraw said. “And I think we’ve gotten away from that a little bit and I think we’re going to get back to it, and hopefully, if this song is just a drop in the bucket to help in that along the way, then I think Tyler and I would be very proud.”