Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard Release ‘Undivided’: LISTEN

It’s here! “Undivided,”  the new collaboration between Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard,, has been released — a powerful message of unity that the world needs now more than ever. The song, written while Hubbard was quarantining because of having COVID-19, seems especially important now.

“Last week, when I heard the news about the Capitol, as sad as I was, I thought, ‘Man, I thought we needed this message last year, and I didn’t think we could need it anymore than we needed it last year, but apparently we still do,'” Hubbard told CBS This Morning of the song.

McGraw knew as soon as he heard “Undivided” that the song was important, now more than ever, but had no idea how vital the message would be in early 2021.

“The Capitol thing was something that I don’t know that I’ve processed well enough to put into words yet,” McGraw acknowledged. “It’s so sad and so profound, and something that I never thought I would see in this country. But the song, it speaks to more of a social contract that we have with each other. It’s not about politics. It’s about how we’re supposed to treat each other.”

McGraw hopes “Undivided” reminds people of things that matter — and the things that don’t.

“We have a great country full of great people and this song is about the social fabric that we rely on and the social contracts that we rely on to get along in this world, in this life, in this community together,” McGraw told Entertainment Tonight. “And I think we’ve gotten away from that a little bit and I think we’re going to get back to it, and hopefully, if this song is just a drop in the bucket to help in that along the way, then I think Tyler and I would be very proud.”

“Undivided” is Hubbard’s first release without his Florida Georgia Line  duo partner, Brian Kelley, after both men announced they wanted to work on separate endeavors, even though they are definitely not breaking up.

“We’re going to continue to make music as much as we can,” Hubbard said when announcing the news. “As a matter of fact, we’re probably going to be making even more music now. We’ve enabled ourselves; we’ve created this freedom around ourselves to kind of do whatever we want to do creatively and musically, So it’s a lot of fun.

“We’re going to still do stuff together… It’s a beautiful place to be to venture out, and have a voice of our own,” he added. “Have an individuality a little bit. We’ve always been a package deal, which has been amazing, but I think there’s freedom at this age and in this time and where we’re at, to be able to not always be a package deal.”

“Undivided” is available for download at TimMcGraw.com.