Watch Dierks Bentley Take On 13 Different Roles in Official Video for ‘Gone’

Dierks Bentley just dropped the video for his latest single, “Gone,” and what a video it is, showing a side — or rather, a lot of sides — of the country music star we haven’t seen before. Dierks took on a 13 different roles of iconic characters, including Dwight Schrute from The Office, for the theatrical video.

“It just always ends poorly for me in this video. I definitely had a lot more fun making it than it looks though,” Dierks tells People. “We got to film a bunch of scenes inspired by some of my favorite shows like The Office, MacGyver, Game of Thrones and Full House.”

“And I got to collaborate with some new directors I’ve never worked with,” he adds, “so I left at the end of a really long day feeling really happy and inspired about a kind of sad song,”

Dierks previously spoke about his new song, and its significance especially this year, after he and his family unexpectedly relocated to Colorado during the pandemic, and never left.

“I moved out West with my family in March and have been living in a small town making up for lost time with them,” Dierks wrote on social media. “I’ve always had so much gratitude for our fans. Hope you enjoy the new music, the beginning of another chapter. Love you guys.”

The Arizona native never planned on living permanently in Colorado, but found he could live more like a normal person in the small town where he and his family currently reside.

“I went out there with my family for spring break in March and just never left,” Dierks previously told People. “I put my kids in school out there and we just kind of moved.”

“I’m making up for lost time with my family,” he continued. “It’s been 18 years now of touring and being gone every weekend. Now I’m somewhere I can ride bikes with my kids to school. I put a camper on the back of my 1994 Chevy and we go camping almost every weekend.”

“Gone” is Dierks’ first single from his upcoming, still-untitled new album. Download the song at