William Lee Golden and The Goldens Release ‘Why Me, Lord’ [WATCH]

William Lee Golden and The Goldens have a new video, this one their take on a Kris Kristofferson classic. The group, made up of William Lee Golden and his sons Rusty, Craig, and Chris, just released the video for “Why Me, Lord,”  featuring Aaron McCune. “Why Me, Lord” is a song from Old Country Church, one of three albums as part of their Golden Classics collection, out last year.

“From the first time I heard Kristofferson sing ‘Why Me, Lord,’ I knew it would be one of my all time favorites,” Golden says. “There was a special way he delivered it without overdoing anything. The message is real to this day. We decided to have Aaron McCune take the lead on it and give it a different sound. In the end, I think it still remains something we can all relate to and Aaron’s vocals fit perfectly. I hope you enjoy the video!”

Golden has a lengthy history with the Oak Ridge Boys, a group he first joined in 1965. But to be able to record with his family, as part of The Goldens, is one of his favorite things he has ever been part of in his career.

“Going into the studio with my boys was a dream come true,” Golden said when Golden Classics was released. ”At times, I wondered if it was ever going to happen. Now, after nearly two years since starting this project and what turned into a three-volume set will finally be available for the world to hear.”

While Golden is grateful to be able to record Golden Classics with his sons, he admits it might have never happened if not for COVID-19.


“During the pandemic, I had to turn off all of the negative hate on television news … I watched about three weeks of this stuff, saying, ‘What the hell is going on here?’” Golden recalled on RC’s Social Saloon. “I had to turn all of the hate off, because I felt like it was invading my soul, and my spirit. So we started singing old songs, getting the family together. And during that pandemic, I got my sons together, and our band, our family band. We recorded 34 old songs that we found were healing to us, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritual healing.”

In fact, the 84-year-old wanted to make a record with his sons for a while, but it was the time away from their fans that allowed them to finally bring his idea to fruition.

“I had a vision to do this two years before the pandemic, but I could never get my sons together,” Golden acknowledged. “They all had solo careers going. I was doing 150 dates with The Oak Ridge Boys on the road. So the pandemic was the only time that we were all sequestered and sent home, and told, ‘Go home. You’re unessential. Lock your doors and put on two maks, and if anybody knocks on your door, crawl under the bed.’ I can’t live in this kind of world. So I said, ‘The hell with that.’ I turned it all off and that’s where it all started for me, is getting out of the house, away from the TV, and getting under the trees in the backyard and back patio.”

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