Amy Grant Vows to Say ‘Stuff That Really Matters’ On Her Next Album

When Amy Grant released How Mercy Looks From Here in 2013, she had no idea that the album would be the last one before she took a long, albeit self-imposed, time away from recording. Although she continued to tour, breaks for the pandemic and then her 2022 bike accident aside, Grant took a while to realize she had more — a lot more — that she wanted to say.

In the last several months, Grant released “Trees We’ll Never See,” followed by “What You Heard.” The songs are likely part of a new project, one that Grant says is still evolving.

“One thing I know about myself: I am slow like a sunrise,” Grant tells American Songwriter. “I don’t know why I’ve taken such a long break. Maybe the imposed simplification of my life last year gave me a chance to say, ‘What’s the stuff that really matters to me?’ I have an opportunity to sing, especially to my peer group.

“Because I’ve never stopped touring; I watched my audience age with me, so as a creative person, it feels crazy to not take advantage of that opportunity,” she adds. “Just continuing the story and the conversation at this stage in life does feel precious. Every song is just a piece of the conversation.”


Grant also joins Christian singer Cory Asbury on “These Are the Days (That We’ll Want Back),” a song that was delayed while she recovered from throat surgery. While she might have had to delay her time in the studio, backing out of singing the duet was never an option for Grant.

“I was so moved by the song, I was choked up trying to sing it,” Grant says. “It was such a reminder of how we’re all wired uniquely. But I am so moved by music, it fills my reservoir.”

The recent Kennedy Centers Honors recipient also praised Asbury for the song in a recent interview on the Today Show as well.

“So much creativity has been put on hold in my life, for all kinds of reasons,” Grant said. “Last summer I was asked to sing on a new Cory Asbury song yet to be released. This might be one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. I was so glad they waited for me to heal up and get back to the studio.”


The 62-year-old is eager to share more music with the rest of the world, music that reflects her commitment to being present, in music and in life.

“What I see is that showing up is the gift,” Grant says. “In creativity, showing up to sing on that song, that is a gift. I’m writing a lot because to me, once you know what you’re going to say, or when you have an idea of what you want to say, then you just have to find the path to get there.”

Grant has plenty of concert dates on her calendar for the next few months. She will once again join Michael W. Smith for their joint Christmas tour, and will also resume her Christmas at the Ryman residency with her husband, Vince Gill. Find music and tour dates at