10 Country Artists Who Should Be Grand Ole Opry Members

The Grand Ole Opry has served as validation for numerous country stars over the years, who count becoming a member of the hallowed institution as the pinnacle of their career. While the Opry has inducted several new and established artists in recent years, including Kelsea Ballerini, Dustin Lynch, Lady A and more, there are several artists who, perhaps surprisingly, have yet to officially become members. We found ten artists who deserve to be inducted.

1. Carly Pearce

If there was ever an artist that had earned the right to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry, it’s Carly Pearce, and frankly, we don’t know why she hasn’t been invited yet. Pearce, who hasn’t been shy about her love of the institution, has already played the Opry more than 75 times — and wants to keep playing there for years to come.

“I associated playing the Grand Ole Opry with making it,” Pearce previously said. “When I played my debut, I was an Airbnb cleaner, so I had not made it. But I felt like in that moment, that the Opry took a chance on me. I didn’t have a song on the radio, but they just believed in what I was doing. I know people play the Opry, but I don’t feel like there’s another artist in my generation that’s really put in the work the way that I have with the Opry.”

Luke Combs was invited to join after he had played the Grand Ole Opry 16 times, so the fact that Pearce still hasn’t been inducted feels like a glaring, and frankly unfair, omission.

2. Luke Bryan

If the Grand Ole Opry was looking for country artists who had star appeal, they need not look any further than Luke Bryan. Not only is Bryan always willing to play the Opry — and has, often — but his career is hard to top in terms of success. Bryan’s superstar status could make him a Grand Ole Opry ambassador, especially if he was actually a member.

3. Tim McGraw

Like Bryan, Tim McGraw is a willing performer at the Grand Ole Opry, and has been for years. With more than three decades of making country music, it seems like McGraw is well past the window when he should have been invited.

4. Michael Ray

Michael Ray is one of the regular performers on the Grand Ole Opry stage, and has performed more than 50 times. Ray has made no secret of his love of country music, and has hinted that his third studio album will be as country as it comes. Between his outspoken affection for country music, especially traditional country music, and his respect for the Grand Ole Opry, Ray definitely deserves to at least be considered.

5. Lee Ann Womack

How Lee Ann Womack is not a member of the Grand Ole Opry is truly baffling. The country music star, like McGraw, has spent more than three decades making country music. Her voice, her songs, her music all seems to be the exact kind of music that the Grand Ole Opry celebrates. While we love honoring the new artists, it seems unfair that Womack is still sitting on the sidelines.

6. The Bellamy Brothers

The Bellamy Brothers, made up of Howard and David Bellamy, are true global pioneers for country music. The sibling duo has had a long, and very successful career, making music that they perform all over the world. With their dedication to country music, and their massive touring careers, the Bellamy Brothers could have rightfully been inducted years ago.

7. Ashley McBryde

When Ashley McBryde made her Opry debut, in 2017, she sang her autobiographical single, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere,” an emotional performance that proved how important the historic institution means to her. Almost four years after her debut, McBryde says being a member of the Grand Ole Opry is still one of her biggest professional goals.

“The Opry is one of the most important things to me in my whole career,” McBryde told Everything Nash. “I’ve never come into the building without saying hello to Minnie Pearl. I’ve never left the building without saying, ‘Goodnight, Minnie.’ I’ve never stepped right into the circle. I always put a toe in first. And then I always either point down to it or reach down and touch it when I leave. It’s such a sacred thing to me.”

8. Justin Moore

Justin Moore has spent more than a decade releasing pure country music, without giving in to any of the latest trends or hinting at any crossover appeal. Sure, he may not be able to perform at the Opry as much as some of his peers, especially since he lives in Arkansas, but he is a true champion of country music, and deserves to be recognized for his commitment to the industry.

9. Aaron Tippin

By now most people probably assume Aaron Tippin is already a member of the Grand Ole Opry, but in spite of his numerous appearances, he actually is not. With more than 30 years in country music, and his numerous performances on the Grand Ole Opry stage, Tippin has yet to become an official member. Hopefully, it’s just a case of better late than never.

10. Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is one of the very few artists who have successfully transitioned from becoming famous on a reality TV talent show — in his case, American Idol, to a country music career. He made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry in 2011, shortly after his Idol win, and has been a frequent performer since then. While there might be a few who could rightfully be inducted before McCreery, his name at least deserves to be included in the list of hopeful future nominees.