‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Releases ‘Middle of God Knows Where’ [WATCH]

Noah Thompson‘s video for “Middle of God Knows Where” is out now. The song is the title track of his debut EP, released last month.

“The title track off the EP is ‘Middle of God Knows Where,'” the Season 20 American Idol winner tells PopCulture.com. “That song particularly I wrote when I first came to Nashville with a couple of people. That song was just something I was going through. Everybody loves a good breakup song anyways, but that was really something I was going through, truly.

“It felt like it was something that I wanted to say,” he adds. “It turned out to be one of those songs that felt like me, production-wise also. I was like, ‘I definitely want this on the EP.'”

Thompson went from being a new, young father, making money as a construction worker, to winning American Idol in 2022. It’s a whirlwind that the 21-year-old admits is still an adjustment.

“It has changed my life, insanely,” Thompson acknowledges. “It’s the reason my little boy eats food now. It’s the reason he has clothes… This is all the reason I get to take care of my family in the first place. I’m blessed.”

Thompson had no idea how much everything would change as soon as he was crowned the Idol winner, but he soon realized that he had a lot to learn, and fast.

“Soon after the show, we had to get some songs together pretty quick,” Thompson tells Country Now. “As far as songwriting goes, it was just me in my bathroom, but I’d never really shown anybody in my music. So on the show, I had some songs pitched to me and we went ahead and got some of them cut soon after I got off the show just to kind of have some in the process already.

Courtesy of ABC/American Idol


“During that time, I was writing stuff also,” he adds. “I’m super stoked to see how people feel about the songs [I wrote].”

With his new EP, new single and new video out, the Kentucky native couldn’t be happier with the way his life is turning out, at least so far.

“I’m super excited,” he boasts. “I really am. I’m super excited. It’s my very first project in general. It’s my very first project, so I’m stoked about it. I am. I’m super excited about it. I can’t wait to see how people feel about it. I want to see how people relate to it.”

All of Thompson’s music and upcoming shows can be found at NoahThompsonMusic.com.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BBR Music Group / David McClister