Caroline Jones Drops ‘Million Little Bandaids’ With Zac Brown Band [LISTEN]

Caroline Jones has a new song, out now. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just released “Million Little Bandaids,” which she sings with Zac Brown Band. Jones officially joined the group late last year.

“This is a very full circle moment for me, to have ZBB featured on one of my songs,” Jones says of “Million Little Bandaids.” “And this song in particular expresses a profound message about having the courage to open your heart and tell really hard and vulnerable truths, which is a journey I have been on the last few years.

“I actually wrote “Million Little Bandaids” two years ago with Zac in mind, so this is a big time manifestation for me,” she adds.

Jones earned high praise from Brown for penning “Million Little Bandaids,” by herself.

“Caroline did a beautiful job writing this song,” Brown boasts. “I’m always looking for new ways to say things, and these lyrics really resonated with me. I wanted to be a part of it the moment I heard it. Very excited for our fans to hear it.”

Jones, who recently announced she is expecting her first child, already had a promising solo career when she decided to join the Zac Brown Band, while still pursuing her own music as well.

“I’ve never been a side-man before,” Jones tells Everything Nash. “I’ve always been kind of the steerer and leader of my own ship. But I’m a real music nerd. I love instruments. And so this gig is a real reach for me as a musician, because these guys are such incredible musicians. So, having the responsibility and the honor of playing other people’s songs and music instead of your own, it’s like a masterclass on stage every night.”

Jones recently released her latest EP, Superpower, The project, which includes a collaboration with Vince Gill, is a hint of what fans can expect from her album slated to be released later this year.

“I would describe this as the first taste of my next record,” Jones tells Everything Nash. “It’s pretty sonically diverse, as all my projects are. It has some country, some modern pop-country with ‘Lawless.’ It has straight bluegrass. It has a Norah Jones vibe, and then it has very ’90s country vibes. So I’ve never been shy about the fact that I have lots of different influences and I love experimenting sonically with production.

“But hopefully, there’s a through line, just by virtue of the fact that I co-produce everything and write everything, and play on everything in the studio,” she adds. “So I’d say the theme of this EP and then of the record that’s going to come out later this year is perseverance and grit.”

Jones is spending the next few months with the Zac Brown Band on their From The Fire Tour, while also headlining her own shows. Find tour dates and all of Jones’ music, including “Million Little Bandaids,” at

Photo Credit: Tyler Lord