‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Drops Encouraging ‘Still To Come’ [LISTEN]

Todd Tilghman has another new song, “Still To Come,” out now. The song was born from a troubled time in Tilghman’s life several years ago, which he opened up about in a video shared on social media ahead of its release

“In 2017, you might have heard me say, my family and me faced one of the tougher things, probably one of the toughest things we’ve ever faced,’ the Season 18 winner of The Voice says. “That’s why we wear these red bracelets. A lot of people have questions about that ….We went through a really, really rough time. On the heels of that, I wrote a song. I played it on the piano and sang it, and it was called ‘Still To Come.'”

From the first time he shared it, Tilghman knew the song was special, and would resonate with others, even though he wrote it mostly for himself.



Posted by Todd Tilghman on Thursday, July 13, 2023


“It really had a very good response from y’all, all the people who follow me, even people who followed me at the time before I was on The Voice,” the former minister shares. “It had a really good response, and I think it’s because people all can relate to suffering and struggling and figuring out your way through things.

“One of the reasons I wrote it is because of the scriptures that say, ‘Your suffering is light and it’s temporary, and it’s working for you an eternal weight of glory, ‘ he continues, “and especially the scripture that says the suffering that you’re in right now is nothing compared to the glory that’s still to come. That’s what I wrote the song about.”

Not all of Tilghman’s music has been faith-based, but he does hope that people can see, through his music and how he lives his life, that he is a man of faith, and is eager to share that with others.

“One of my goals in this world is that my music would show people that being a person of faith and a follower of Jesus is not like this rigid, staunch, hard thing,” Tilghman says. “That’s really one of my main goals.”

With “Still To Come,” the father of eight hopes it inspires others, especially those who are going through a hard, seemingly impossible season.

“If you have ever been through a situation in your life where you just didn’t know what in the world to do, you had no idea if you were ever going to get through it, and if you did, you didn’t know how you were going to get through it, that’s what I wrote this song about,” Tilghman explains. “That’s what this song is. This song was written literally in the height of just really one of the most terrible storms in my life.”

Tilghman also recently asked for help from his fans in releasing “PB&J,” a song he plans to release within the next few weeks, if he can raise enough money to bring his dream to life.

“We’re getting closer and closer to ‘PB&J’ being real … If you’ll please go to my page, if you want to be a part of it, we’re crowdfunding ‘PB&J,'” Tilghman shares. “Really, every little bit helps. We’re getting closer and closer and closer. We’re actually very close to goal number one, which is really a minimalist approach to getting it out there. Goal number two, the full amount, is doing a lot more on the rollout of hte song. So please, if you can, give to ‘PB&J.'”

Click here to donate to Tilghman’s GoFundMe page for “PB&J.” All of Tilghman’s music,” including “Still To Come,” and upcoming shows can be found at ToddTOfficial.com.