Bobby Bones Confirms Return to ‘American Idol’

It’s a week of big news from Bobby Bones! The host of the iHeartRadio Bobby Bones Show not only announced he is engaged to his girlfriend, Caitlin Parker, but just revealed he is coming back to American Idol as well. Bobby will join judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, as well as host Ryan Seacrest, for the fourth season of the reality TV talent show on ABC.

“Super excited to announce that I’m coming back to American Idol,” Bobby revealed, in a video posted on social media. “Love the show, love everyone there … everybody at American Idol, just love you guys so much, and everybody that watches. I wouldn’t be back without all the fans as well. I can’t wait to see Ryan and Luke and Katy and Lionel, and you guys. I’m back on American Idol. See you guys soon.”

Bobby and Caitlin met on the set of Dancing With the Stars, when Bobby, a former Mirrorball Trophy winner, was on hand to support his friend, Lauren Alaina. Although both admit sparks didn’t instantly fly, the two eventually began dating, with Caitlin moving from Los Angeles to Nashville to be with him during the coronavirus pandemic. The 40-year-old proposed to Caitlin on Sunday, October 11, while Mat Kearney was on hand to sing “Nothing Left to Lose.”

“I am the luckiest. I waited so long for the right one,” Bobby wrote. “And it [paid] off. Surprised her with a secret proposal in the barn in the backyard. After she said yes, our song ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ by Mat Kearney was playing outside. And it was [Mat Kearney] playing it. She said it was at Mat’s concert during this song that she knew I was the one for her. So lucky he played it again for only us tonight. I’m so happy I get marry to love of my life.”

Bobby’s already busy life will be even busier once filming for Idol begins. Thankfully, his future wife helps him find balance between work time and time for himself.

“Even though I’m busy, I have a great influence on my life, and her name is Caitlin,” Bobby told Everything Nash. “My girlfriend, she is extremely present. With Cait, life doesn’t revolve around what’s happening on TV and radio. For me, I’ve been so dedicated to my job, and her focus is not that. She doesn’t even like it, honestly. She doesn’t want any of the attention.

“That’s good for me,” he added. “At first it was forced, but it has made me value time. So, I do sleep a little bit more, mostly because she has instilled in me, beat in me that I need it.”

It was initially unclear if Bobby would be able to continue in his role as an in-house mentor on American Idol, due to scheduling conflicts with his National Geographic TV show, Breaking Bobby Bones. American Idol will air in the spring of 2021. Virtual auditions are occurring now. Find more information at