Brandon Davis Drops New Heartbreak Tune ‘Still Gonna Be’ [LISTEN]

Brandon Davis has a new song, out now. The father of four just released “Still Gonna Be,” a heartbreak anthem about love gone very, very wrong.

“it’s actually part of something really cool that we haven’t fully gotten into yet,” Davis teased on social media. “It’s the start of something incredible … This song is a whole different vibe. My daughter told me that this song had a groove to it, and my daughter doesn’t tell me that.”

Davis goes on to say “Still Gonna Be” is “different than anything we’ve ever released,” adding that the song was a follow-up to one of his early singles, “Minus You.”

“This is the guy that sat there in this town, all this time, realized that she wasn’t coming back, and has tried everything he can think of to make it happen, but no matter what he tries, she’s still gone,” Davis shared. “That was the idea.”

Country music might have a rich history of songs about lost love, but the singer-songwriter wanted to find a new way to share a well-known story.

“There are countless breakup songs in country music,” Davis explained. “We tried to be a little different with this one, because I don’t know why, forever ago I had this idea in my head of, ‘when the fish fly high in the sky and the birds swim deep in the sea, that’s when I’ll be over you and you’ll be over me.’ We got to explore that with this song.”

Ahead of the release of “Still Gonna Be,” Davis said his goal in writing songs is always to help people in whatever season of life they find themselves in, even if it isn’t something he is dealing with personally.

“You have the same heartbreak and although time has passed he’s still not able to get over losing the love of his life,” Davis said. “Writing songs that help people get through hard times in their life has always been something I’ve been drawn to and I think this song really hits the nail on the head for anyone struggling to move on after a heartbreak.”

Davis’ latest Jesus and Jesse James EP is out now. He also recently released a cover of Conway Twitty’s “That’s My Job.” All of Davis’ music, as well as all of his upcoming shows on his Hey Baby Tour, can be found at

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