Brandon Davis Teases New Heartbreak Anthem ‘Still Gonna Be’ [WATCH]

Brandon Davis is a bona fide music machine. Less than two weeks after he released a cover of Conway Twitty’s “That’s My Job,” in honor of Father’s Day, Davis announces another song, “Still Gonna Be,’ out on Friday, June 30.

Davis has been teasing the song on social media, including him singing it with his children, ahead of its release.

@brandondavis_music Still Gonna Be 6/30 👦🏼🤠 #outfriday #heartbroken #breakup #preorder ♬ original sound – Brandon Davis


Davis wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on his latest Jesus and Jesse James EP. Although he didn’t write “That’s My Job,” the song resonated with him as much as if he had written it himself.

“I might not have wrote this one, but I really, really hope that this song shows my dad how much I love him, and shows my kids how much I love them,” the father of four says. “It’s so special to me, and it always will be, because this is my story that someone wrote years before I ever came along, and now I get to tell it.”

Davis is currently on his headlining Hey Baby Tour, traveling across the country performing his music, including songs from Jesus and Jesse James. It’s a career that might not be, at least at this level, if not forTim McGraw hand-picking Davis to join him on his  McGraw Tour 2022 last year, forever changing the trajectory of the rising star’s life and career.

“I was really just soaking in all the experiences that he had to share,” Davis tells Everything Nash of opening for McGraw. “He’s had a career that most would dream to ever touch. And listening to the stories he had to share of different times he’s been out on the road, and how he found the songs that really just made his career blossom and showed who he was as an artist.

“Taking all that advice and saying, how can I apply this to what I’m doing?.” he continues. “And really show people this is who I am, and here are the experiences that I want, to make sure that when I’m out on the road, I want my family to be able to have these memories. I want the band members to say, ‘You know what? I really enjoy being able to go and ride on a bus with that guy.’”

All of Davis’ music, as well as all of his upcoming shows on his Hey Baby Tour, can be found at

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