Brandon Davis Honors Father’s Day With Conway Twitty’s ‘That’s My Job’ [LISTEN]

Brandon Davis just released a special song, in honor of Father’s Day. The father of four released his verison of Conway Twitty’s “That’s My Job,” a song that has a lot of personal meaning for him.

“This is such a special tune,” Davis says in a video shared on social media. “This song is special to me for various reasons. It’s special because it’s really a story that talks about my life, but it’s also a song that I got to share with my kids. My kids are singing on this tune, and this is streaming out in the world right now. So this is incredible.”

When announcing the release of “That’s My Job,” Davis said the song was also significant to him because it features, for the first time, all of his children on one of his releases.

“Not only is this a cover of ‘That’s My Job,’ but this is going to be the very first song ever that the kids have officially recorded vocals and sang with me on,” Davis announced. “Every one of my kids are on this track, belting it out, singing along with me, and I am so excited to finally have the entire family … The entire family, the whole Davis household, is on this track.”

“I might not have wrote this one, but I really, really hope that this song shows my dad how much I love him, and shows my kids how much I love them,” he added. “It’s so special to me, and it always will be, because this is my story that someone wrote years before I ever came along, and now I get to tell it.”

Davis will have plenty of chances to sing “That’s My Job” over the next several weeks. The singer-songwriter is currently on his headlining Hey Baby Tour, performing songs from his latest Jesus and Jesse James EP. Davis wrote or co-wrote all eight of the tracks on the album, which landed the Top 10 on iTunes when it was released.

“This entire EP is filled with a stripped-back country sound that brings back memories of the kind of country I grew up listening to,” Davis tells American Songwriter. “The main theme behind this EP is just the storytelling it holds and how unique each song is. I wanted to make sure there’s something for everybody no matter what phase of life they’re in. The songs take you on a personal journey that hopefully makes you feel like it was written just for you.”

All of Davis’ music, as well as all of his upcoming shows on his Hey Baby Tour, can be found at

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