Caroline Jones Evolves and Grows With New ‘Homesite’ Album [EXCLUSIVE]

Caroline JonesHomesite album is out! The deeply personal 11-track record shares the singer-songwriter’s journey, both in music and in life, including getting married, pursuing both her solo career and touring as a permanent member of the  Zac Brown Band, and her impending motherhood, as she and her husband, Nick Dana, prepare to welcome their first child later this year.

“It’s really about building,” Jones tells Everything Nash of the project. “It’s about continuing to build a career and a fan base that I’m really proud of and grateful for. And it’s about building grit and resilience in my character. Those are big themes on this record. I’ve been writing a lot about that in the last couple of years. And lastly, building my family for the first time. I’m about to give birth in a few weeks here, and I’ll be touring right up until then.”

Homesite is, according to Jones, an illustration of her work building both a career and a family at the same time, determined to grow personally and professionally in all of her endeavors.

“I’m really proud of this record,” Jones maintains. “I think it shows a lot of sonic evolution, and evolution of my writing. And, I think it embodies a lot of what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown since joining the Zac Brown Band a couple of years ago. I think people are gonna love it.”

The Zac Brown Band joins Jones on “Million Little Bandaids,” while Vince Gill joins her on “By Way of Sorrow,” and Alyssa Bonagura joins her on “Keep it Safe.” While Homesite is, in many ways, Jones’ own personal diary, the multi-instrumentalist didn’t set out to attach one central subject or sound to the varied record.

“We got into the studio with some amazing musicians, and we made this record. I didn’t think too much about actually balancing the themes,” Jones explains. “I always get the comment that my records are very musically diverse, like all over the place, which I always take as a compliment. I just have so many styles of music that influence me and that I love.”

If there was a central theme to Homesite, Jones says it would be her own grit and resilience, as she has establishes a name for herself as a singer, songwriter and musician in an often challenging industry.


“Those themes I think come from just a lot of personal growth I’ve been doing the last few years, and then just growing up in this industry, and learning who you are,” Jones explains. “Continuing the grind. All the moments of elation and success and excitement and fulfillment are met with moments of disappointment and rejection, and having to reassess and recalibrate. And I think that’s part of growing up.

“And again, seeing that as a strength, as something to build your character with, as opposed to something to be ashamed of,” she adds. “Those are big themes on this record.”

Homesite is Jones’ third album. It’s another stepping stone, as she continues to carve out her own unique lane in an industry that can sometimes eschew individuality.

“I would say my goal with this record and every record is, I have a long view of my career,” Jones says. “I’m trying to build a fan base and an audience, and have this music reach the people that it’s meant to resonate with, with every record. And I’d say if I have any goals, it’s just to get better.

“I just want to be a better songwriter, better musician, better singer, and a more complete artist in every way, with every record and every project that I put out … Obviously I want this record to go out and be as successful as possible,” she continues. “But in the end, for me, it’s all about building a fan base and a career so that I can just tour and make records for the rest of my life.”

See a track list for Homesite below. Find all of Jones’ music and upcoming shows at

Homesite track listing:

1. Lawless
2. Serendipity
3. Million Little Bandaids (feat. Zac Brown Band)
4. Homesite
5. Britches
6. Superpower
7. Keep It Safe (feat. Alyssa Bonagura)
8. Talking To Milo
9. Being A Woman (Is Like Being The Sun)
10. Normal Person
11. By Way of Sorrow (feat. Vince Gill)

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