Carrie Underwood’s Biggest Lesson of 2020: ‘Keep Moving Forward’

Carrie Underwood is eagerly looking forward to the start of a new year, and hopefully more time with her fans. But before she rings in 2021, the American Idol alum is reflecting on what this challenging year has taught her, which has forever changed her outlook moving forward.

“I think this year’s all taught us to be grateful for what we have,” Carrie acknowledges (via Taste of Country). “I definitely would like to work more next year, as far as getting out and seeing people. But I’m not in control of that, so we’ll do the best we can. Keep moving forward with the circumstances we are given.”

The 37-year-old will likely set new goals for herself in 2021, although she admits her New Year’s resolutions heading into this year came true in a way she could have never predicted.

“I do make New Year’s resolutions. A lot of times they’re things like, ‘I wanna have a little more me-time. Take better care of yourself.’ To breathe and be peaceful, things like that,” Carrie shares. “I feel like probably a New Year’s resolution from last year would’ve been something like spending more time with my family. And then I kind of got that this year.”

Now more than ever, Carrie is eager to usher in the changing year, cautiously optimistic about the future.

“I think the most important part is that everybody is looking forward to a fresh start, and having that hope that next year is gonna be a little better,” she adds.

The Oklahoma native previously admitted she wasn’t sure how her family would spend the holidays this year. But she did say that, regardless of what she did, she would enjoy the time with her husband, Mike Fisher, and sons Isaiah and Jacob.

“For me growing up, Christmas was always just comforting,” Carrie said. “We always had the same stockings and the same tree and the same decorations, and we would always decorate the weekend right after Thanksgiving. You know, flip the Christmas switch, put the tree up. Now that we’re adults and have kids, we can go to the Christmas tree farm and we can walk around, and we can pick out which one and ask Isaiah, ‘Which one do you think?’ Just things like that, making those memories. It’s just a joyful time of year.”