Jelly Roll Invites Alexandra Kay to Join Him for Grand Ole Opry Performance [WATCH]

Jelly Roll will perform with Alexandra Kay at the Grand Ole Opry in June. The “Save Me” singer invited Kay to join him, while she was at the Opry to see Jelly Roll perform.

Kay shared the video of the heartwarming invitation on social media.

“Do you remember when you made your debut here, and I was in the video?” Jelly Roll asked Kay. “Somebody talked about the Jelly Roll Opry debut. I want you to play for your second time with me, CMA week on June 5. Is that cool? Follow up your debut with me. We’ll sing one together that night. It will be fun.”

Kay became emotional, hugging Jelly Roll and calling him an “angel.”

“You know how much my whole family loves you,” Jelly Roll said. “My daughter loves you, my wife loves you. We’re excited. … You’re family. You’re now like my newest little sister.”

Jelly Roll and Kay have been friends for a long time. Kay opened up about their relationship, after she opened for him last summer in North Dakota.

“I got to witness this incredible human play to 18,000 people last night,” Kay wrote. “In the midst of his skyrocket to the top he is always reaching out a hand to someone who looks up to him. Last night, and many times before… that hand was extended to me. The words he spoke of me and my career on the stage last night will stay with me forever.. and the opportunity to perform in front of his loyal and dedicated fan base was an absolute honor. Thank you Jelly Roll and ND State Fair for having me!”

Kay made her Grand Ole Opry debut on November 18, 2022, later reflecting on how monumental the performance was for her. Kay performed two songs, including “I Kinda Don’t,” a song she wrote with Tana Matz and Ryan Robinette.

Photo Credit: Chris Hollo


“It was insane,” Kay reflected to  Music Mayhem. “I mean, a part of me never thought I’d ever get to step into the circle, but to have a standing ovation two different times throughout my two songs was more than I could have ever imagined.

“And, getting to see Tana Matz and Ryan Robinette sitting there watching this happen,” she continued, “it just was kind of a reassurance that when you believe in a song, no matter if anybody else ever believes in it or not, whenever you see it take life like that and you get to see how it affects the listener and the people around you — I think that those moments are ones that you never forget.”

Jelly Roll and Kay will spend a lot of time together later this year. Kay and rising star Warren Zeiders will both join Jelly Roll on his Beautifully Broken Tour, kicking off on August 27 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kay’s All I’ve Ever Known album is out now. She has plenty of concerts on the calendar over the next several months. Find all of her music and upcoming shows at

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