Carrie Underwood Shares Her Coping Strategies Amid Challenges of 2020

Carrie Underwood has never had much time to pursue hobbies, until this year. The American Idol alum has had almost a year off the road, where she finally got to pursue one of her passions, and is still reaping the harvest from her efforts.

“I got more into gardening,” Carrie revealed on Connected with Kelly. “I had a garden; last year was my first year to have a garden. But I didn’t get out in it myself as much as I would have liked. This year it was so much more me, and I got to be out there every single day, and pull weeds, and work. There’s something so satisfying about being like, ‘I’m gonna go get dinner,’ and you go out to the garden. Right now I have kale and spinach and stuff in the garden.

“It’s such a nice thing,” she continued. “My son, my oldest son Isaiah, he’ll come out there, and he’ll pick spinach with me. I feel like he wants to eat it a little more afterwards, after he helped with it. It’s been a good stress manager this year.”

In addition to getting her hands dirty, the 37-year-old found staying connected to her family, even if it can’t be in person, has helped her get through the challenges of 2020.

“I talk to my mama pretty much every day, at least five days a week, if not seven days a week,” Carrie shared. “I feel like that is my connection to family, because she knows what’s going on with everybody. We have been [using Zoom] a lot more, and Facetiming with family members. My husband [Mike Fisher’s] family lives in Canada, so we have not seen them all year long.”

Whether it’s on the phone or on a computer, Carrie is learning that any connection helps, especially this year.

“It’s just finding ways to stay in touch,” said the singer. “Emailing each other pictures constantly. I know that’s not the preferred way. My husband’s parents would like to see their grandchildren grow up, but it helps. There’s a lot of technological advances that I feel like we’ve really been putting to good use this year. And spending time with each other. I got to be home with my boys all year. I know that it’s been such a weird year, but that has been a silver lining, for sure.”

Carrie is also continuing to work on CALIA, her lifestyle and fitness brand. She is launching three pop-up shops over the holidays, including one at the Green Hills mall in Nashville, as well as in Austin and Santa Monica. The shops will be open through December 31.

Carrie just released her My Gift Christmas album, which is available for purchase at