Carrie Underwood Adds ‘Take Me Out’ To ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ [LISTEN]

Carrie Underwood isn’t quite done with the Denim & Rhinestones chapter of her career. The singer just released “Take Me Out,” from her forthcoming Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), out on September 22. The new record also includes her current single, “Out Of That Truck.”

Underwood first teased the song on social media, saying she was adding the song to the tracklist of her latest album.

June 9 is a big day for Underwood. Not only does she have a new song out, but it’s also the launch of her own Carrie’s Country channel, available on SiriusXM. The  Grand Ole Opry member says the channel will be a reflection of the music she listens to, even if it doesn’t all fall within the country music genre.

“It’s me, it’s new country, it’s classic country, stuff I grew up listening to,” Underwood tells SiriusXM‘s Howard Stern. “I have rock … and hopefully all the rock stuff is people that I obviously have worked with or have covered, but also a lot of country adjacent type things. Like Rolling Stones; I don’t know if they knew how twangy they are.

“So people like that, hopefully all country listeners will enjoy it, and enjoy maybe discovering new songs. We have some hard rock blocks.”

In spite of her busy career, which includes her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residencythe mother of two is remaining involved in every aspect of Carrie’s Country.

“So far I’ve been very involved,” Underwood says. “Building out the library and everything has been a lot of fun. It is Carrie’s Country, but it’s so much more than that. We’ll obviously play my stuff, stories behind the songs — I’ve already recorded a lot of those.”

Underwood is eager to expand her musical horizons to include a SiriusXM channel, joining the ranks of artists like Kenny ChesneyEric Church and more who have their own channels.

Getty Images for SiriusXM


“I’m super excited that this is happening,” Underwood tells her record label. “I love music, obviously, but I love listening to music probably more than I love performing it or singing it. It’s one of those things that me getting to kind of sit down and just listen to my favorite songs or listen to different genres of music or get into new artists or whatever, that’s one thing that’s really fun about this channel is just getting to curate the playlists. I’m excited personally just to be able to turn on my own channel and hear music that I like.

“So, hopefully, fans can enjoy that as well,” she continues. “We’re gonna have a variety of music to listen to, of course, a lot of my songs, a lot of country stuff, new country, some kind of classic country, but also some rock, classic rock and even some new rock we’re gonna slip in there every once in a while. Hopefully, people will like the variety going on.”

Carrie’s Country will be available at channel 60 on SiriiusXM, beginning at 7:45 PM ET on June 9. All of Underwood’s upcoming shows can be found at

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