Chris Young’s ‘Famous Friends’ Lands at No. 1 On All-Genre Albums Chart

Chris Young apparently has plenty of music friends. The Grand Ole Opry member released his eighth studio album, Famous Friends, on Friday, August 6, which landed in the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Albums Chart.

Young shared a photo of the chart on social media of Famous Friends in the top spot. The record also landed at No. 1 on the Country Albums Chart as well.

Famous Friends includes collaborations with Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina and Mitchell Tenpenny, Young previously praised everyone who contributed to his new set of tunes.

“I know I’ve said it before, but I honestly can’t say it enough – I am so excited to be releasing my new album,” Young says of his new record. “There are so many incredibly talented artists, songwriters and producers – all friends of mine – who helped make this album possible. Having friends share their talents as collaborators, songwriters, producers and more, it’s only natural to call the album ‘Famous Friends.’”

Famous Friends comes four years after his 2017 Losing Sleep record. While the Tennessee native didn’t intend to wait so long, he is more than happy with the end result.

“We’ve been teasing everybody for years,” Young tells People of his ambitious new project. “It’s been so long that I’ve been talking about all the stuff that I did in the past year-and-a-half, and I think people at one point thought I was just messing with them a little bit. They were like, ‘Do you actually have an album coming out?’”

Young just dropped a new track, Break Like You Do, ahead of the release of the record.

“‘Break Like You Do’ is a song that was done pretty early into the process of making this record,” Young shared with Sony Music Nashville. “I think it was either at the beginning or right around the middle. It’s always weird for me to try to think about what order that all these songs come in because it’s been a four year process making this album. This was just so much fun to sing. And it’s a sad song. This is one of those where it’s that breakup, and we were looking for a different way to put that into words. I was like, I guess I don’t break the same way you do. You seem fine. I’m not. It’s a really interesting turn on that type of song.”

Young just announced his Famous Friends Tour 2021, with Mitchell Tenpenny and Callista Clark. Tickets are on sale now. Find tour dates, and purchase Famous Friends at