Dan + Shay Celebrate Their New Season: ‘We’re In Such a Good Place’

Dan + Shay are better than ever. The duo, made up of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, are headlining their own Heartbreak on the Map Tour, while also appearing for their first season as coaches on The Voice. After spending several years working harder and harder, Smyers and Mooney took a four-month break, from each other and their music, to decide their next steps, reuniting stronger than they have ever been before.

“We’re in such a good place,” Mooney told their record label. “I would say that Dan and I now are genuinely in the best place that we have ever been in, which is an incredible thing to be able to say, and mean it with my whole heart. The journey that it took to get to this place, to where we have this new perspective on life and on our career in general, of being able to wake up and know that we get to do this, we don’t have to do this.

“And to feel good about moving forward and to be having just such a blast,” he continued. “Being able to get to do all this stuff, it’s special. Being able to also push a single, like ‘Bigger Houses,’ that is exactly where we’re at right now in our lives is just really special for us.”

Dan + Shay just celebrated their tenth No. 1 hit, with “Save Me The Trouble.” The song was the first release from their 2023 Bigger Houses record, but the last one they penned for the project.

“‘Save Me The Trouble’ was the very last song that we wrote for this album,” Smyers told Audacy. “That’s kind of how it always goes; you turn in the whole album, you think you’re done. All the pressure’s off and you get back in the writing room, when nobody’s looking over your shoulder, expecting anything, and this song poured out of us. The same thing happened with ‘Speechless,’ on our self-titled album.”

Dan + Shay currently have a Top 40 single with the title track of their latest album, a song that perfectly encapsulates where both Smyers and Mooney are, both individually and collectively.

“It’s just pretty incredible to have a song like ‘Bigger Houses’ that speaks to all of that of a lesson that we had to learn the hard way, to stop chasing after things that don’t matter,” Smyers said. “Happiness doesn’t live in bigger houses. It doesn’t live in these things that you chase after, that you think will make you happy. Money is never gonna bring you the happiness that you want, because that just kind of perpetuates this, ‘All right, if I make a million bucks, I’ll be happy.’

“You kind of put these goals, these markers on your happiness, and it’s just eventually going to fail because you’re gonna make a million dollars and you’re gonna want to make two,” he added

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