Dan + Shay Release Heartwarming ‘For The Both Of Us’ [WATCH]

Dan + Shay have a new song out, from their forthcoming Bigger Houses  album. The song, written by Dan Smyers, along with Andy Albert and Jordan Reynolds, is a sweet love song, from the perspective of a man asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

“For The Both Of Us” says in part, “I’m in love with your daughter / And I’ve been since the first time I saw her / I’ll ask her the question if you give your blessig / When she takes my hand you can trust / I’ll love her enough for the both of us.” The video features wedding footage from both Smyers’ wedding to his wife, Abby, and Shay Mooney’s wedding to his wife, Hannah.

“For The Both Of Us” is one of 12 songs on Bigger Houses, which shows a new season for the duo, after not speaking for four months.

“This is a brand-new breath of fresh air,” Mooney said on the Today Show. “Dan and I have been through a lot the last ten years, and I feel like this is a new chapter for us, and I’ve never been more excited to put out music. There are songs that mean so much to us.”

Dan + Shay introduced Bigger Houses to fans by releasing their current single, “Save Me The Trouble,” already in the Top 20 and climbing.

“‘Save Me The Trouble’ was the very last song that we wrote for this album,”  Smyers told Audacy. “That’s kind of how it always goes; you turn in the whole album, you think you’re done. All the pressure’s off and you get back in the writing room, when nobody’s looking over your shoulder, expecting anything, and this song poured out of us. The same thing happened with ‘Speechless,’ on our self-titled album.”

Dan + Shay have already also released “We Should Get Married” and “Always Gonna Be” from Bigger Houses, with the latter being the first song they wrote after deciding they wanted to keep making music, together.

“One of the goals we set was to spend more time together,  like we did early on, so we decided to write the next day,” Dan + Shay shared when dropping the feel-good track. “We sat down with an acoustic guitar, and out of the sky fell a song called ‘Always Gonna Be.’ It was the first song we wrote for the album, and will always be one of the most special.”

Bigger Houses will be out on September 25. Find music and tour dates at  DanandShay.com.