Darin & Brooke Aldridge Host Contest For Chance to Join Them at the Grand Ole Opry

Darin & Brooke Aldridge have always been big fans of the Grand Ole Opry, which is why they want to share the experience with their fans. The husband and wife bluegrass duo are hosting a contest, Win a Grand Ole Opry Circle Experience, giving a lucky fan and their guest the chance to win two tickets to the April 8 show at the Opry, where Darin & Brooke Aldridge will perform.

In addition to the tickets, the guests will receive an exclusive backstage behind-the-scenes tour of the Opry, given by Darin and Brooke, along with Grand Ole Opry member, Jeannie Seely, and a photo op on the renowned circle on the Opry stage. Hotel accommodations will also be provided.

Both Darin and Brooke were raised with a love of the Grand Ole Opry, which only became stronger as they grew up and began performing. Now regular performers on the sacred stage, their love of the Opry has only continued to grow.

“The Opry is so significant to us because it has called out to our hearts since we were kids,” Brooke tells Everything Nash. “We’ve always looked at the Opry with stars in our eyes, remembering when it came on the radio every Saturday night, seeing it on TNN [The Nashville Network], and dreaming that we might one day stand in that ‘Grand Ole Circle.’ To think that we could ever have the chance to get to know so many of our musical heroes on a more personal level, and tell them thank you for being great examples of making a difference in the lives of others through music and comedy, is amazing.”

For Darin and Brooke, the contest is a chance to share their love of the Grand Ole Opry with someone else.

“We want to give our fans this experience because we believe that there is no place that is as special as the Grand Ole Opry,” Brooke shares. “We want to give the lucky winner the opportunity to feel the magic of the Opry, the history that it holds, how it has been a beacon of hope for people since 1925, how it has always remained a refuge for people in the hardest of times, and how it brings joy in the moment, allowing listeners to leave everyday cares behind.”

Darin & Brooke Aldridge are regulars at the Grand Ole Opry, and love performing there whenever they can, but they still have one vivid memory that stands out to them above the rest.

“We have several favorite Opry memories, but perhaps the most special is the night we played the Opry on our wedding anniversary – December 27th, 2019,” Darin recalls. “To stand there and realize the Opry dreams we had as kids had come true, thinking about how God brought us together through our music with the same goals and ambitions, falling in love and getting married and then having that full-circle moment truly makes for the sweetest Opry moment…those moments where time seems to stand still.”

In fact, Darin & Brooke Aldridge love the Grand Ole Opry so much, they wrote a song, “Grand Ole Circle,” which is included on their latest This Life We’re Livin’ album.

“During the pandemic when the world seemed to stop turning, we came together with our friend Bill Whyte via Zoom and decided that we should write a song about our most favorite place, the Opry,” Darin recounts. “The song would talk about how the circle has never been broken since the day it first began. We would include some of the history, our own personal experience, and making it relatable to anyone who wanted to live the Opry experience. Each chorus would be different, talking about a variety of Opry artists and heroes who have stood in that circle.

“It was our biggest hope that the song would give people the Opry experience,” he continues. “To honor the Opry through this song is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for giving us a place to bring happiness and love to the lives of others.”

More information on Darin & Brooke Aldridge, including details on how to enter the contest, can be found by visiting their website.

The winner of the Grand Ole Circle Opry Experience will be announced on March 25 on WSM and Circle TV‘s Coffee, Country & Cody.