Devin Dawson Plans New Project With His Twin, Jacob Durrett [EXCLUSIVE]

Devin Dawson might have just released The Pink Slip, but he is a already thinking about a new album — this time one involving his twin brother, songwriter Jacob Durrett.

“I have a twin brother and his name is Jacob Durrett, and he’s crushing it right now,” Dawson told Everything Nash. “He’s a producer and a writer, and we’ve always worked on things together, but never had the time to do an official release together. I think after this year, and having spent more time with him and trying to figure out ways to just put honest music out in the way that I want to do it, I’m going to work with him.”

Both The Pink Slip and Dawson’s 2018 freshman record, Dark Horse, were produced by Jay Joyce, whom Dawson has a lot of respect for, and is thrilled with both projects. But working with Durrett will give Dawson a freedom he hasn’t had, until now.

“I haven’t really told many people that, not that I’m trying to keep it or anything, but it’s really exciting to know that I’m going to start making records with my twin brother,” Dawson gushed. “We started playing music the same day together. And so that also means more music more often, just because our processes are a little bit more streamlined together, because we’ve known each other, and just the way we do it is easier. It’s going to be insane. So yes, new music by the end of the year, for sure. We’re going to be recording in the next month or so.”

While Dawson isn’t entirely sure what the new set of tunes will look like, he does hint that he anticipates he will be sharing a lot of music in 2021.

“An EP for sure,” Dawson said. “If I was being completely honest, I picture it being really well received, and going really well. And I think we’ll probably just want to turn it into a full album anyways, but you know, we gotta prove ourselves first. We always gotta pay our dues.”

Regardless of what music looks like moving forward, chances are good fans won’t ever have to wait three years for new music from the rising star again.

“I think the priority for me above anything else was just to put out music,” Dawson told Everything Nash. “I didn’t want to wait another year to see what was going to happen with COVID so that we could get in and finish a full album in the right way, and do all the notes and redo this … you know what I mean? I really liked these six songs. Everyone liked these six songs. We have these finished. Why are we going to wait?

“I don’t want my fans to wait any longer,” he added. “I want them to have music. I want music. It’s been so long since Dark Horse. And so it was more just following the priority of getting as much music out as soon as possible, obviously with the most quality that we were able to do.”