Gabby Barrett Honors Her Husband With New Song, ‘Cowboy Back’ [LISTEN]

Gabby Barrett is honoring her husband, Cade Foehner, in her new song, out now. The mother of two — with one on the way — just released “Cowboy Back,” inspired by Foehner. Barrett wrote the track with Jon Nite and Jesse Frasure, from her forthcoming sophomore album.

“I was inspired by my wonderful husband, a Texan, when I was writing this one,” Barrett says. “‘Cowboy Back’ is all about appreciating the hard-working guys out there with strong values – those who are authentically ‘country.’”

“Cowboy Back” follows “Glory Days,” Barrett’s current Top 30 single and the debut track from her next project. The 23-year-old was inspired by her own, slightly unconventional life, when penning the feel-good song.

“I wrote it with a group of friends, and we were just kind of talking about my life,” Barrett tells Everything Nash. “I mean, I’ve lived a lot of life in a short amount of years, I would say. I have a husband, I’ve been married for four years, and I’m only 23. I have two children. I’ve done a lot of things in music, and in country music. I’ve been to awards shows. There are just a lot of lovely things that have happened, and I’m living in my glory days right now, I think.”

“I always remember my parents saying, ‘Oh, those were the glory days. Those were the good old days,’ kind of like how you toss it to the past, and look to the past,” she adds. “And so I wanted to write a song saying, ‘I’m living in the glory days right now.’ And so that’s what it’s about, and it means a lot to me, ’cause it talks about what my life is like right now in the midst of the crazy.”

Barrett hasn’t announced a title or release date for her new record, but she does hint she has a few collaborations, already recorded.

“There’s lots of collabs,” Barrett tells Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen.  Luke Combs wrote one of the songs on the album and I fell in love with it. And then I did another song with Miranda Lambert that’ll be involved on the album. And you never know, there could be something else that pops up before we get to early fall. So there’s just a lot to look forward to.”

Barrett’s Goldmine album, which included her multi-platinum singles “I Hope” and “The Good Ones,” came out in 2020. The American Idol alum hopes to have her next album out soon, which will show how much she has evolved and grown in the last few years, as an artist and a person.

“Second album, hopefully the goal for that is to release it in the early fall,” Barrett hints. “And I think this album is just next level in a way… I think it has a more just continual vein to it. It’s not kind of all over the place. I have to be very vulnerable about some of the subjects that are talked about. It’s very close to my heart in a different way than the first album was, for sure.”

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