Home Free Drops New Version of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ [WATCH]

Home Free just put a new spin on an old classic. The all-vocal group put a modern twist on Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Home Free originally recorded the song on their Crazy Life album, released in 2014, re-imagining it for their upcoming Crazy(er) Life album, out next month.

“What began as a seemingly risky departure from the essence of an iconic country classic has become a demanded staple at our concerts,” Tim Foust tells Taste of Country.

Crazy Life was released after Home Free won The Sing-Off in 2013, and before Adam Chance joined the group.

“It was a joy to head back into the recording studio with a song that is truly in our bones, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the updated arrangement featuring the sweet, smoky vocals of Adam Chance,” Foust adds.

Home Free will kick off their Crazy(er) Life Tour next month, which, along with their new album, is a celebration of the decade of music Home Free has enjoyed since winning The Sing-Off in 2013.

“As the name of the tour suggests, that goes hand-in-hand with an album, also called Crazy(er) Life,” Tim Foust explained to Everything Nash. “Turns out, it’s another ten-year retrospective. We decided to do all-new recordings of all of the songs that we released on our first album after The Sing-Off.”

The Crazy(er) Life album will mark the end of an era for Home Free. The record will be the final project featuring Austin Brown, who just announced he is leaving the group to pursue other projects.

“After 12 years, I’m truly amazed looking back at what we’ve built together,” Brown said when the news was announced. “These guys have become so much more than friends; we’re brothers and we always will be. I’m grateful for their unwavering support throughout this journey and moving forward, and I will always be their biggest fan! Lord knows I wouldn’t be who I am without them and whoever is lucky enough to join this amazing group next is truly in for the ride of their life.”

Fortunately, Home Free will continue to make music with Chance, Foust, Rob Lundquist and Adam Rupp, while they look for someone to fill the spot left vacant with Brown’s upcoming departure.

“We’re going to miss our baby brother,” Foust said. “The tour bus will be eerily quiet. But we’re eternally grateful for Austin’s immeasurable contributions to this band, and we also embrace each new beginning. We can’t wait to find out what the future holds for him and Home Free.”

Crazy(er) Life will be out on March 29. Home Free will spend much of the year on their Crazy(er) Life Tour, which will include Brown through the fall. They also just announced two nights at the Grand Ole Opry, on March 20 and 22. Find all of Home Free’s music and upcoming shows at HomeFreeMusic.com.

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