Home Free Announces 2 Grand Ole Opry Performances

Home Free just added two new shows to their calendar, ahead of the March 27 launch of their Crazy(er) Life Tour. The five-man group will perform on March 20 and 22 at the Grand Ole Opry, one of their favorite places to perform.

Home Free marked their return to live concerts amid the pandemic in 2021 on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

“It was a mixture of joy and maybe a touch of anxiety,” Tim Foust told Everything Nash  following their performance. “There was no easing back into this performance thing. Iit went from not performing for a year and a half to performing on the most sacred stage in country music. Oh. And now there are cameras that broadcast to live television. So it was a little bit like, ‘All right, let’s hope we remember how to do this thing.’”

Home Free recently revealed their next album, Crazy(er) Life, out later this year, will be a celebratory look back at the last decade of their extraordinary career.

“As the name of the tour suggests, that goes hand-in-hand with an album, also called Crazy(er) Life,” Foust explained. “Turns out, it’s another ten-year retrospective. We decided to do all-new recordings of all of the songs that we released on our first album after The Sing-Off.”

The all-vocal group released their last album, AS SEEN ON TV, in November. Like their forthcoming new project, AS SEEN ON TV is a celebration of the ten years since winning Season 4 of The Sing-Off.

“These days, our albums are mostly originals. But we release so much music, and we’re always releasing music videos on YouTube,” Foust said of the inspiration behind the project. “So some of those end up being covers as well. ’cause we just love putting our spin on songs we love.”

Home Free fans will want to catch them while they can this year, since they are committed to spending less time on the road, and more time with their families, in the future.

“Honestly, it was sort of a by-product of the forced time at home during COVID,” Foust said of their decision to tour less. “We’ve never been home that long, so we didn’t know what that was like. And after we got over the shock of it, we realized we kind of liked being at home, actually. And our families actually like us at home, too. So far. We’ll see. Maybe by 2026 we’ll be touring more again.”

Tickets to both of their Grand Ole Opry shows are available at Opry.com. Find all of Home Free’s music and upcoming shows at HomeFreeMusic.com.

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