Home Free to Be Joined by Texas Hill On Upcoming Show

Talk about a match made in musical heaven. Home Free just announced that they will be joined by Texas Hill for one special show, on Tuesday, November 2 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“We’ve been SOOO loving the energy y’all have been bringing every night to our shows, so as a special treat for y’all, we have a new addition to our November 2nd show in Cheyenne, Wyoming!!” Home Free announced.

Home Free’s Tim Foust also spoke out about the show on social media as well.

The news comes shortly after Texas Hill announced their upcoming Heaven Down Here album, marking the first full-length project by the trio, made up of former The Voice contestants Adam Wakefield and Craig Wayne Boyd, and American Idol alum Casey James.

“All three of us were thrust into situations where millions of people made snap judgments on our talent and ability in 90 seconds, and that’s why this project has been so cathartic for us,” Wakefield says of the project. “There are so many things we’re proud of on this record. I think the one I’m most proud of is how diverse and raw it is. At a time where new music coming out of ‘Music City’ can be formatted and predictable, we let the music lead; and it took us to a lot of different places.

“There are elements of blues, R&B, country, southern rock and even Latin influences on this mama-jama,” he adds. “I think there’s something for everyone on here.”

Home Free resumed their Dive Bar Saints Tour over the summer, after being forced to postpone the majority of the shows due to the pandemic.

“It was like whiplash,” Tim Foust tells Everything Nash of being forced to come off of the road. “We were literally in the middle of a European tour and we had to cut it short. We had stayed up till 2:00 AM, Europe time, to see the Presidential address. He said we were going to be banning flights from Europe. So the first thing we did was get on the phone and say, ‘Delta, get us home ASAP.’ It was very jarring in a 24-hour period to go from being in the middle of a tour on the other side of the world, to being on our couches in our homes, not really knowing if we could or should even leave our houses. It was one of the more jarring experiences I’ve ever had.”

Home Free returned to touring as soon as it was safe, with the Canadian dates resuming in 2022.

“We’ll be playing catch up for, for a while now,” Foust concedes. “But our fans have been so patient and understanding for the most part. Everybody is missing live music, us included. We’re so excited to finally bring our show back to people who have been desperately craving it for a couple of years now.”

Heaven Down Here will be released on January 21. Find all of Texas Hill’s music and tour dates at TexasHillOfficial.com, and head to HomeFreeMusic.com for all of their latest updates.

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