Jake Hoot Releases ‘Wherever Time Goes’ Video With Wife Brittney [WATCH]

Jake Hoot and his wife Brittney just released the stunning, black-and-white video for their romantic “Wherever Time Goes” song. The couple show portions of their March 7, 2021 wedding, which took place at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, located just outside of Nashville, along with performance clips of the husband and wife singing the lyrics of the song to each other. The video ws directed by Alejandro Medina.

Hoot wrote “Wherever Time Goes” with Houston Phillips and Michael Farre, inspired by both his daughter Macy, and Brittney.

“It came from a sense of, all three of us are parents and married, and we were all talking about just how fast time continues to go as you get older,” Hoot explains to Everything Nash. “You’re gonna spend that time somewhere, whether it’s on your phone, whether it’s on the computer, whether it’s a video game system, whether it’s out fishing. And as it goes quicker and quicker, I feel like it gets more and more precious because it just does seem like there’s not as much of it. And so, we talked about that special person being where that time went as you go along.”

Hoot and Brittney might have been married only a year, but they are loving everything about being husband and wife.

“It is amazing,” Hoot gushes. “I love it. I always tell everybody being a dad is the best feeling in the world, but being married, it probably edges it out just a little bit. It’s amazing. She’s great. We’re loving it.”

The couple might be enjoying being married, but it’s been a whirlwind since they said “I do,” albeit a happy one.

“It’s been the best year I feel like in my life,” the Season 17 winner of The Voice boasts to Country Now. “As soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we hit the ground running. We had to learn to balance all that time, like trying to do the home life thing and being on the road and trying to travel together. At the same time, [Brittney] had to step into that role of being a bonus mom. So, it was a learning experience all last year, but it was the best year ever!”

Find all of Hoot’s music, as well as a list of his upcoming shows, by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of C2 Media Relations / Jonathan Volk

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