Jake Hoot’s Wife and Daughter Inspired ‘Wherever Times Goes’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Jake Hoot just released a new duet, “Wherever Time Goes,” which features his wife, Brittney. Hoot wrote the song with Houston Phillips and Michael Farren, inspired not only by his love for his wife of almost a year, but also his daughter, Macy as well.

“It came from a sense of, all three of us are parents and married, and we were all talking about just how fast time continues to go as you get older,” Hoot tells Everything Nash. “You’re gonna spend that time somewhere, whether it’s on your phone, whether it’s on the computer, whether it’s a video game system, whether it’s out fishing. And as it goes quicker and quicker, I feel like it gets more and more precious because it just does seem like there’s not as much of it. And so, we talked about that special person being where that time went as you go along.”

Much like he felt when he wrote “I Would’ve Loved You,” his duet with Kelly Clarkson., the 33-year-old knew as soon as he was finished writing it that he wanted “Wherever Time Goes” to be a due with Brittney.

“Getting her to sing on it was incredible,” Hoot boasts. “She crushed it. That’s her first official song with her name on it. She sang background on a couple of other projects that I’ve worked on, but to have her in the studio and to have her as an actual feature was really special.”

Brittney often joins her husband on stage when he is performing, but she also works as a nurse in labor and delivery, a job which Hoot says she excels at as well.

“She’s got an incredible voice,” Hoot praises. “Her and one of her sisters had a little duet thing going on when they were younger, and then she went to Bethel out in California, and she sang on a couple of different worship teams and stuff like that. I think it could have been a lack of confidence or something, that she didn’t think she was good enough to do, which was my issue for the longest time.

“But she got into nursing; she’s been delivering babies for a long time and she loves it,” he adds. “I kind of pushed her out of that comfort zone a little bit, ’cause I was just like, ‘The world needs to hear your voice.’ She is loving it. She loves getting up. She’s one of those kinds of people that’s like, ‘I’m not prepared.’ … But then she gets up there and just steals the show.”

Find “Wherever Time Goes” and all of Hoot’s music, as well as a list of his upcoming shows, by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of C2 Media Relations / Jonathan Volk

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