Jessie James Decker Vows to Eat Healthier in 2021 [EXCLUSIVE]

Jessie James Decker enjoyed the time at home with her family in 2020, making food for her husband, Eric Decker, and their three children, as well as finalizing the recipes for her new cookbook, Just Feed Me. But with the time at home, and the lavish meals that Decker enjoyed making, came an unexpected weight gain, which she vows to take care of in 2021.

“I really did some good this past year,” Decker tells Everything Nash. “I had some good food. I had some good wine, just like everybody. We all did that this year, I know, but I got to the place where it was like, ‘I don’t feel good anymore. I just don’t feel good. I’m probably overdoing it.’ So, I think my New Year’s resolution is to keep up — I’ve been on a really good train lately. I’ve been working out, really been eating well. And I think my goal is just keep that up, because I feel good right now. Um, so I’m going to try to keep that going.”

Like Brittany Aldean, Decker is once again relying on the South Beach Diet to help her eat better, even with her busy life.

“People ask all the time why I’m with South Beach Diet,” Decker admits. “I don’t think it would make sense if I was this like ripped fitness [person] … I don’t know that it would make sense. I feel like that would be unrealistic to have me as a spokesperson. I’m up and down. I fluctuate. I love to eat . I mean, I have a cookbook out, with a cover of me eating a big bowl of spaghetti.

“I love to eat, and that’s no secret,” she continues. “That’s no lie; I love to eat. I love to cook. I really love to indulge. And the things that I enjoy, I’ve always been like that. But I feel like I have to balance that with eating healthy eating well. And so South Beach gives me the ability ability to do that. They do deliver food to your door, but you can cook the food too.”

Not only is Decker trying to get her food intake in check, but she is also doing an overhaul on another aspect of her life, one that has a big impact on her entire family.

“I think my other New Year’s resolution is to just get more organized, and I feel like I’m accomplishing that,” Decker says. “I feel like I’m already getting more organized. I’m not an organized person. So, I’m making more calendars, keeping notes.”

The 32-year-old also owns the stores Kittenish, which includes her own fashion line along with lifestyle items, both in Nashville and Destin, Florida, and is a singer and songwriter as well. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, which is why Decker is more determined than ever to make 2021 less chaotic — for everyone.

“I’m not naturally an organized person,” Decker acknowledges. “I’ve had to become organized as a mother. It’s just something you have to automatically turn on. I do have a lot going on and I think it’s just, I love to feel creative and I love to express myself in so many different ways. I’m fortunate that I have the ability to do that, but I do feel like sometimes I could be a little bit more structured in my timeline, and I’ve gotten better at that.”