Keith Urban Drops ‘Go Home W U’ With Lainey Wilson [WATCH]

Keith Urban‘s collaboration with  Lainey Wilson is out! The two country music hitmakers just released “Go Home W U.” The song is part of Urban’s forthcoming new album, along with “Straight Line” and “Messed Up As Me.”

Urban teased “Go Home W U” during his performance of “Straight Line” at the CMT Music Awards, starting the song by saying, “5-3-24,” leaving fans to speculate what the date meant, before announcing the collaboration last week.

They also gave a hint of what might happen between the two singers in a video showing Urban seemingly giving Wilson a ride to the airport, on her way to Australia for her headlining Lainey Wilson: LIVE global tour.

Wilson recently opened up about Urban, and the impact he has had on her and her career.

“He is a mentor of mine,” the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year told The Project. “He’s a friend. He’s that guy that just kind of lifts me up and encourages me every time he sees me. And when you’ve got people like Keith Urban encouraging you and believing in you, you really do feel like you can do it.”

Urban has yet to announce a title or release date for his next album, but he does say he can’t wait for fans to hear what he has been working on for more than a year.

“We’ll keep working our way towards a release date later this year, but I’m psyched to get it out,” Urban recently told People. “It’s been a very unique journey putting all these songs together and shaping the record. And in a lot of ways, the record shaped itself. It had an energy and momentum of its own that I just started following. And I can’t put that into any other way, but that’s kind of what happened is that it felt like the record told me where to go and how to make it. It’s wild.”

Chances are, the next set of tunes, like many of his previous ones, will blur the genre lines in country music. It’s an intentional decision on Urban’s part, especially as he prepares his live shows.

“I have a lot of hope,” Urban said.  “And I think my calling has always been inclusivity in what I do. It’s certainly always been that way playing live in concert. My calling is to bring all these different kinds of people together and become one for a couple of hours. And it’s an amazing thing as a musician to be able to get to do that because even a sporting event splits the audience in two.

“But as musicians,” he added, “we get to bring the most opposing kinds of people together who maybe only agree on this one thing, which is these songs in this moment.”

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