Kelly Clarkson Was ‘So Nervous’ Asking Chris Stapleton to Sing on ‘Glow’

Kelly Clarkson has dropped a festive Christmas song, “Glow,” featuring Chris Stapleton. The song, from her just-released When Christmas Comes Around album, was one Clarkson knew right away that she wanted to sing with Stapleton, but never thought he would actually agree.

“I was so excited. So excited. He turned it around so fast after I asked him. I honestly wasn’t expecting him to say yes,” Clarkson gushes on The Bobby Bones Show. “I just feel like everybody asks him to sing, and I get really nervous about asking, because I’ve been turned down a lot, honestly, with singing with people. So, I got really nervous, but I was so excited he said yes, and like I said, he turned the music around so quickly and his voice is just magical.”

Clarkson was so unprepared for Stapleton to say yes that she did all she could to persuade him, including an elaborate video to try to convince him.

“I made this whole video … I literally sounded like a child on a rollercoaster when I made this video, and I sent it to Chris,” Clarkson reveals. “I was so happy because it just sounded so amazing.”

Clarkson is one of the most talented singers of all time, but she admits it’s Stapleton’s talent that she is in awe of.

“I love a lot of artists,” Clarkson concedes. “But there are a few artists that really move me, that make me want to be a better singer and make me want to do better and inspire me creatively, and he has been since before everyone knew him. When we were both at some event, and I think he was playing with The SteelDrivers, and I was like ‘Who the hell is this? when we were both at some event.’

“Since that moment I remember sitting at the Grand Ole Opry [in my] seat and going ‘Oh my God this guy is one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard,'” she adds. “I’m so excited that he’s had such an amazing career, and still is, and also that his amazing freaking voice is harmonizing with mine.”

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